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Welcome to Trollhättan

Visit Trollhättan

Discover the innovative city of Trollhättan, located along the banks of the Göta River. See the mighty Trollhättan Waterfall or watch the boats travel the lock stairs. Have fun in the Innovatum District and learn more about Saab cars and their history. Trollhättan is a city filled with adventures for the whole family.

Let us inspire you!

Trollhättan Waterfall and Locks area

Discover the wonderful area along the Göta River from the Waterfall to the Locks area with its beautiful nature and fun activities for all ages.

Innovatum Science Center - Roligt för hela familjen!

Innovatum District

Experiment at Innovatum Science Center, visit the Saab Car Museum and many more experiences awaits at the Innovatum District.

Playground inspired from a tivoli

The Playground Town of Trollhättan

Visit themed playgrounds in central Trollhättan, all with a different theme based on the city's history. 

Popular events in Trollhättan

There is always something going on in Trollhättan. Here you can find popular upcoming events in Trollhättan and nearby Vänersborg.

Älvrummet nature reserve

Beautiful nature area close by central Trollhättan that offers great hiking trails and splendid views of the city and the Göta River.


Historical city walk

Explore the old buildings in central Trollhättan and learn more about their history. See what changed and what they are used for today.

The Sculpture Tour

Find the beautiful sculptures placed along the Göta River in Trollhättan. A total of 17 sculptures are placed from the city center down to the Locks area.

Dendro safari

Trollhättan has many parks and there are many different trees planted there. With this guide you can learn more about these trees and also find popular parks.


Spikön, or Nail island, is a popular recreation area in the middle of the Göta river with, for example, a themed playground, guest harbor and summer-open café.


Visit Vänersborg

Only a short trip from Trollhättan you will find the city of Vänersborg just by Lake Vänern. A perfect day trip.

Visit Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg

Just outside Vänersborg you will finde the table mountains Halleberg and Hunneberg. A perfect place to visit if you are intrested in Swedish nature and outdoor activities.