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  • Photographer: Stephi Blotzki

E45 through dalsland


Just passing through Dalsland? Make sure to discover the second hand markets just along the E45.


  1. Loppis i Frändefors
  2. Inger & Åkes Loppis
  3. Reto Loppis Baggebol
  4. Stens Antik
  5. Sällsäters Loppis
  6. Bytt & Blandat
  7. Sörgårdens Second hand
  8. Läperuds loppis
  9. Säckens Retro
  10. Vassvikens gammalt och nytt
  11. Gårdsloppis i Tydje
  12. Zagas Antik
  13. Röda Korset Åmål
  14. Returen Åmål

Sights and eating:

  • Brålanda - Galleria, cafe and food.
  • Gula Huset - food and a second hand store in the basement
  • Dalaborg
  • Mellerud - Mellerud Museum, food, accommodation, café and swimming (Vita Sannar)
  • Sunnanå
  • Ekholmens herrgård, Anno 1785 (fika, shop) & Gunnarsnäs kyrka (church)
  • Dals Rostock - herb garden, store and museum & café
  • Kroppefjäll Hotell
  • Dalskogs Stugby
  • Högsäter - shops, food & café


The  road E45 is Sweden's longest road and Sweden's inland road, which runs between Göteborg and Karesuando - a distance of 1 690km. About 90 km run through Dalsland and is the fastest way though Dalsland, but even here there are bargains to be made.


There are several places to grab a bite in Brålanda, Mellerud, Sunnanå, Tössestugan and Mellerud.

Or why not bring a picknick to a beach along lake Vänerrn for example at Sunnanå or stop at a restplace in Köpmannebro or outside of Tösse.


Hopefully you will next time take one of the more beautiful roads and spend more time  in Dalsland. Welcome back!



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