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Antiksafari round tours

There are flea markets almost everywhere in the whole area, and we thought it might be fun to make some suggestions so that you can make some round trips!

Kroppefjäll tour

On this trip, you travel around the actual Kroppefjäll and get to experience Dalsland's fantastic agricultural areas including the plain of Dalboslätten, ie the area between Vänern and Kroppefjäll.
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The land in between

This round takes you through both Dalsland and Bohuslän through the Valbodalen. In this area you can also enjoy outdoor art.
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Taste of Dalsland

Starting from the road E45 and leaving it at Brålanda, making a pleasant detour, that will give you more of a experience of nature and of course other second hand places than just following the E45. This detour is about 15km longer, so all you need is a little extra time.
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E45 through Dalsland

Just passing through Dalsland? Make sure to discover the second hand markets just along the E45.
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Inner circle of Dalsland

This route is in the inner circle of Dalsland. Can easily be combined with other tours.
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From Norway

Welcome to Sweden and to a wonderful trip through southern Värmland and Dalsland.
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