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From harp to klengås - Culture tour nr.1

Innovative art, traditional handicrafts, modern design, medieval church paintings, the finest cultivated plants and the wingbeats of history. We have put together six suggested day tours for those who want to explore the art and culture of Dalsland. Tour nr. 1 takes you to through Mellerud and Brålanda.


From harp to klengås

Dals Rostock harks back to the spa resorts that the nobility visited to drink the spring water. Kerstin Ljungqvists Ateljé represents a lifetime dedicated to art, and Dr Saedéns Runda is a very special trail designed to soothe body and soul. The slate handicrafts at Ekholmens Gård are superb, and the medieval ruins at Dalaborg are a special experience.

Eat as much of the Dalsland specialty klengås as you want at Hamrane Bakstuga and enjoy the view from the ancient stronghold of Borekulle, dating from the early Iron Age.

In our digital map, you will find map positions and directions to all the places to visit on the tour.

Places to visit along the tour


 Dals Rostock
The herb garden (Örtagården) in Brunnsparken near the old spring has 300 plants for cooking, dyeing textiles and for medicinal purposes. You will also find a summer café.

Kerstin Ljungqvists atelié

 Dals Rostock
Kerstin Ljungqvists atelié has a gallery and greenhouse that off er a delightful mix of art, plants and beautiful items.

Tant Vanjas textilmuseum

 Dals Rostock
Tant Vanjas textilmuseum is a treasure chest for anyone interested in textile handicrafts, reuse and self-suffi ciency.

Dr Saedens runda

 Dals Rostock
Dr Saedens runda was once created to heal patients’ bodies and souls by providing stimulation and activity at 20 monuments around Lake Mörttjärn.

Ekholmens säteri

 Dals Rostock
Ekholmens säteri is a manor with summer café and farm shop, and occasional tours of the spectacular slate-clad main building.

Kulturreservatet Åsnebyn

Kulturreservatet Åsnebyn is a well-preserved farm with a cultural heritage and landscape. There is a fine walking trail through the heritage landscape.

Örs kyrka

Örs kyrka is a church built in the 13th century and features rare items including a sculpture of the Madonna and child and a triumphal crucifix.

Järn kyrka

Outside Järns kyrka (Church) stand forged iron crosses that have been a typical feature of churchyards in Dalsland since the iron-working era.

Hjortens fyrtorn

Hjortens fyrtorn at Hjortens Udde was built in 1852 and is one of the oldest lighthouses on Lake Vänern. The lighthouse was built when shipping increased following the opening of the Göta Canal.


The ruins of Dalaborg castle are a great picnic destination for visitors of all ages. The castle was built in 1304 and it has a fascinating history.

Hamrane bak- och kaffestuga

Hamrane bak- och kaffestuga serves the local specialty klengås – bread cakes made in a wood-fired oven, served with butter and shredded cheese.

Evenstorps gård

Evenstorps gård is a farm with summer café and mini-zoo, and also sells locally grown raspberries and organic meat.

Bore kulle

The hill-fort borekulle is a former fortress dating from the early iron age, a magic place surrounded by legends.

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