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  • Photographer: Innovatums science center

Innovatum Area

Many years ago this area of Trollhättan was home to NOHAB, a local industry that among other things produced locomotives and turbines. Even if today the old company is gone the feeling of innovation and development is still strong here. Innovatum is home to many fun and exciting attractions for both young and old.

Photographer: Innovatums science center

Innovatums science center
Here at Innovatum science center the whole family has the opportunity to be active, play and try things. This is one of Sweden´s biggest and best Science Centers, with more than 4400 m2 of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. There is also an area for those who want to walk around and take it easy and at the same time get information and history about the area. 
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Photographer: Saab Car Museum

Saab Car Museum
Welcome to explore the rich and unique automobile history of Trollhättan at the Saab Car Museum. Here you will see the famous cars and have the opportunity to speak with senior Saab Veterans. At the museum you see the technology and design history, nostalgia and enthusiasm that Saab has created. Of course you also have the opportunity to bring something back home with you from the museum shop.
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Photographer: BildIT

NOHAB Smithy
The old forge of the NOHAB company that was located at the area has been restored and is today once again operating with two blacksmiths Inge Dahlgren and Ivan Dahlstrand Kamiyasu. Here they have a workshop and a gallery. The old smithy is a unique industrial environment preserved as it was when production once ended. Here are gigantic hammers, ovens and all the tools next to them. The smithy is one of Sweden´s oldest hammer mills. 
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Photographer: BildIT

Trollhättan Art Gallery
The art gallery in Trollhättan shows each year a wide rang of local, national and international contemporary art. 
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