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Photographer: Innovatums science center

Welcome to the Innovatum District

The Innovatum District is located just south of central Trollhättan, about 1.5 kilometers from Drottningtorget square. Previously, the area was home to the manufacturing company NOHAB (Nydqvist and Holm AB) and even though the workshops have now fallen silent, the feeling of innovation is still strong here. The area is today home to many new and exciting companies and here are also several of the city's most popular places to visit, such as the Saab Car Museum and Innovatum Science Center.

From NOHAB to Innovatum District

NOHAB or Nydqvist and Holm AB was a manufacturing company in Trollhättan that was founded as early as 1847. In the beginning, the workshops were located on the west side of the canal, but during the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, they moved operations to the current Innovatum District. NOHAB grew here and the production of locomotives, turbines and much more continued until 1986 when AB Bofors-Nohab as it was then called was closed down. Many of NOHAB's old buildings have however been preserved and even today you can see the beautiful brick buildings that then housed the many workshop operated by NOHAB. Today, the area is alive again and the strong driving force that once was here and the feeling of innovation is back. There are now several new companies that grow in this area and several schools that educate new generations. 

Innovatum District has also become home to several of Trollhättan's most popular places to visit, both by locals and visitors. Step into the Saab Car Museum and discover Trollhättan's rich car history from the firs Ursaab to the concepts that unfortunately never came to fruition. Bring the family to the Innovatum Science Center and feel the innovation flow while you try out different experiments, play and discover new things together. If you are interested in art, there is also Trollhättan's Art Gallery in the area that shows local, national and international art during several exhibitions each year.

Popular sights in the area

When visiting Trollhättan, take the time to come to the Innovatum District and visit one or several of the sighs in the area.


Innovatum Science Center

At Innovatum Science Center, there are several opportunities to be active, play and try different experiments. Here the whole family can have fun together.

Saab Car Museum

See the museum's collection of Saab cars, from the very first to the ones that never came into production. Read more about the history and design and feel the nostalgia. Also, take the opportunity to bring something home from the gift shop.

NOHAB Smithy

The old NOHAB forge is a unique industrial environment that has been preserved in the condition it was when production stopped. Here are giant hammers, ovens and all the tools next to them. Open during summer for visitors.

Trollhättan Art Gallery

The Trollhättan Art Gallery annually shows a wide selection of local, national and international contemporary art. Take a moment to relax and enjoy different art styles in a preserved building from the NOHAB era.


More to see and do in the area

Arena Älvhögsborg - Innovatum District
Welcome to Area Älvhögsborg's gym in the Innovatum District. It offers gym training, group training, company health and you can book a personal trainer. You can either make a one-time visit or buy a membership card. You will also find them on Storgatan street in central Trollhättan where there is also a gym, pools and a relaxation area. 

Friskis and Svettis Trollhättan
Come to Friskis and Svettis premises in Trollhättan, they are based in the Innovatum Hall which is located in the southern part of the area. There are two group gyms, a spinning hall, an indoor walking hall and a large gym. To visit the gym, a membership is required and there are several different card options available. 

Yellow information signs
There are yellow information signs posted outside several of the buildings in the Innovatum District. These tell more about the different buildings in the area and their history. For example, you can get to know more about the locomotive production hall that was located in the current Saab Car Museum's premises and together with pictures see how the area has changed over time. 

The locomotive
Right at the entrance of the Innovatum District from Åkerssjövägen street is a preserved B-locomotive. These locomotives were manufactured for SJ by NOHAB between 1909 and 1919. The locomotive shown here is from 1917. It is 19.49 meters long and weighs 116.8 tonnes.

Nova Mat och Möten
Right in the heart of Innovatum District is Nova Mat och Möten restaurant, café and bakery. Here you can enjoy a good lunch or just sit down and have a cup of coffee and sandwich while you are exploring the area. The restaurant offers classical cooking, organic and vegetarian dishes and Foodtrain buffet on weekdays.

NOVA Arena
NOVA Arena offers the perfect venue for big events in the Innovatum District. The arena offers an exciting and unique industrial environment with 28 meters ceiling height and 3000 square meters floor space. Audience capacity of over 2000 people. Next door is also Lilla NOVA Arena, a venue that is perfect for smaller events with room for 500 guests.