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Photographer: Katarina Hartman


A summertime activity that the whole family can enjoy

Ambjörnarp is a beautiful little community, south of Tranemo, and known for its many lakes. But one lake, Skogssjön, is noted for something else. At Skogssjön, you’ll find Ambjörnarp’s water-skiing club - a summertime activity the whole family can enjoy.


During the summer there are often different kinds of competitions taking place, among others, the Swedish championship and the Crayfish cup, where competitors aim for first place in the 3 disciplines of water-skiing - 1. Slalom, 2. Tricks and 3. Jumps. A couple of high-tempo days with knockouts and finals! 

When can I visit?

Ambjörnarp water-skiing club is open in the summers, for more detailed info about the opening hours please check their website. 

The area

There are some lovely platforms to sit on and a nice kiosk that is open during the summer. If you want to stay the night, there are places to camp next to the club, and there are also other options for accommodation nearby.

For more information about accommodation, prices, times, and competitions, please visit their website.

Contact information

Ambjörnarps vattenskidklubb


51493 Ambjörnarp

Phone: +46705343180

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Website: To homepage