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Photographer: Tranemo kommun

Bating site Dalstorp

Enjoy a swim by the beautiful Dalstorp Beach

At Dalstorp beach you can spend a calm day by the beach, just swimming and sunbathing. There's also the possibility of canoeing, fishing and playing beach volleyball.

Dalstorp beach, with a view of the local church, is an excellent place to cool down during the hotter months of the year.

Dalstorp beach is located beautifully like a center of the community, Dalstorp in Tranemo. It's a nice place for a swim and there's a short pier, a raft and a dressingroom. There is also a wheelchair ramp and a road accessible for wheelchairs down to the water. If you're feeling sporty, then you can play beach volleyball on the sand court.


It is highly recommended to go canoeeing from the lake, down the Jälmåleden. It's beautiful and restful and along the way there's the possibility of fishing along the way or maybe stop and go to shore to have a barbeque on one of the places where there's eqipment for grilling.

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