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Såken fishing area

A fishing lake surrounded by a magical landscape

Fish in 450 hectares, Såken in the northern part of Svenljunga local authority area. Såken is a challenging lake with large variations, surrounded by a powerful and magical landscape featuring vertical rock walls and rocky beaches.

Fishing in Såken

Lake Såken is located a few miles from Borås in Sjuhäradsbygden in Svenljunga local authority. Såken is part of Ätran's catchment area and is part of Projekt Ätranöring, which works to increase the population of Ätranöring (trout) in the area. For the last few years, zander fry has been added in order to increase stock, and zander grows well due to the large amount of small bait found in the lake. Eels are also regularly added. In addition to pike, there are pike, perch, white fish, rudd, eel and cisco.

In addition to excellent fishing in a challenging lake, Såken offers a nature experience beyond the ordinary with forests, rocky beaches and vertical rock walls, as well as beaches for those who do not wish to fish. There is also room to park a caravan or camper near the water.

A fishing license for the Såken lake network is also valid in the lakes of Mellsjön, Frammesjön and Yttersjön. Other streams, rivers and nearby lakes are subject to fishing bans. 

Boat hire is available and contact information can be found on the fishery conservation area's website. 

Fishing Permits & Rules

Up-to-date prices and rules are available at The fishing estate’s website or on their page at ifiske.se. 

Fishing in Svenljunga

There are close to 300 lakes and streams in Svenljunga local authority area, which offer a great variety of fishing. Here you can fish for both game and wild fish. The beautiful surroundings make you want to stay for longer and return again and again.

Find your way to Svenljunga

Svenljunga local authority area is located in Västra Götaland county to the southwest of western Sweden . To the south we border Falkenberg in Halland and Gislaved in Småland by means of the beautiful Fegen nature reserve. Our local authority area boasts more than 300 lakes and many streams.

There are great opportunities for recreation, including hiking, cycling, canoeing and fishing.  Svenljunga is part of the Sjuhäradsbygden in the region of Borås and can be reached by Routes 156 and 154.

Contact information

Svenljunga Turistinformation

Kinnagatan 2

512 51 Svenljunga

Phone: +46 325 181 99

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