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Photographer: Emelie Romland

Fishing in Visen and Opperhalen

Good fishing is available around the sound, along the rocky cliffs in Visen, opposite the bathing area. In Opperhalen there are some piles of twigs in the water, and where you find these you could be rewarded with some nice perch.

The fishery conservation area covers the Visen and Opperhalen lakes. 

Fishing permits and regulations

You can buy fishing permits at Visen & Opperhalens FVOF, where you’ll also find current prices and regulations.

More things to do in the area

One exceptional activity for the family is railway trolley cycling in Ambjörnarp. The railway trolleys can be rented at Ambjörnarps byalag (village community), and need to be pre-booked. You’ll also have the chance to play minigolf, try water-skiing, and go on a nature hike. The Ätradalsleden cycle path goes through Ambjörnarp on the way to either Falköping or Falkenberg.

Find your way here

Drive 8 km south from Tranemo town towards Ambjörnarp.


Contact information

Visen & Opperhalens FVOF

Peter Rydén

Phone: +46 32560025