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South part of Sämsjön

Cozy and child-friendly lake

Sämsjön lies between Vegby and Månstad, with one foot in Tranemo municipality and the other in Ulricehamn.

Bathing in Månstad

Here you are surrounded by nature and beautiful views. There are green areas and a lot of space to lay down on. Sunbathing and playing? YES!

There is also a long jetty to sit and dip your toes from. South Sämsjön swimming area is cozy and child-friendly and offers benches to sit on and dressing rooms.

How to find it

From road 27 you drive towards Månstad, when the road divides you turn right.
Drive 500 meters then turn left,
Drive 800 meters and left again,
Drive 560 meters and then turn right, then follow the signs to the bathing area.

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