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Photographer: Manda Schillerås

From Limmared to Hofsnäs, Tranemo

On the Oxabanan Trail oxen were once used to haul the glassworks’ wagons

The Oxabanan Trail is a historic 17 km long path from Limmared to Tången and Hofsnäs through varied terrain, steeped in history. In order to make the glassworks transports easier a railway was built in 1880 from Limmared to Åsunden where a steam launch took over. However the track wasn’t strong enough for the locomotive that was purchased, so an ox was used as a draught animal, hence the name Oxabanan.

Start and end point

The trail starts at Limmered’s shooting range and ends at Hofsnäs in Tranemo Municipality.

What to see

Oxabanan is a historic trail from Limmared to Tången and Hofsnäs through a varied landscape passing Skårtebo, Opensten and the pretty town of Månstad. In 1880, a railway was built between Limmared and Åsunden to facilitate freight transportation to and from the glassworks, and a steam engine was put into operation. However, the railway was unsuitable for the locomotive they had purchased, so they had to use oxen to pull the wagons. It is now possible to hike the route the oxen used to take. In some places, there are information boards telling you about the particular history or nature of the area.


The railway embankment is easy to walk, with no elevation differences. There are gangways built over the ditch that crosses the embankment. There are several picnic areas around Skårtebo, as well as Hofsnäs. Shelters (renovated in 2016) in Tången are suitable for overnight stays. The trail passes a lovely visitor centre in Månstad. Hofsnäs Manor is situated at the end of the trail, next to Torpanäset Nature Reserve, with a guest house, food hall, craft shop, restaurant and café. Torpa Stenhus can also be found about 4 km from Hofsnäs, offering accommodation and food in a wonderful setting. A few miles south of the start point, in Limmared, is Glasets Hus visitor centre, where you can enjoy lunch or a Swedish fika. Also in Limmared is the classic Wärdshus with lunch menu and a la carte.  If you want to sleep outdoors, this you can do according to the 'Right of Public Access' rules. 

Map and facts

Map: of the trail can be found here
17 km.
Marking: orange color and arrows with the name "Oxabanan", with direction from Limmared to Hofsnäs. 
Classification: easy.
Public transport: Limmared can be reached by both bus and train. From there follow the railway embankment north to catch the trail.
Responsible for the trail: Tranemo Municipality.

Contact information

Tranemo kommun

Storgatan 26

514 80 Tranemo

Phone: +46 325 576030

E-mail: turistbyra@tranemo.se

Website: svenljungatranemo.se