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Food and Craft Fair 2023

The elite of European oyster openers face off in a high-class competition where the best will be crowned. At the same time as the championship, the Food & Craft Fair takes place with a focus on local taste experiences and locally produced food. In the oyster bar you can enjoy fresh oysters and the street food market offer delicacies with three different themes.

Cooking inspiration with a local focus

A warm welcome to a local food fair that, with pride and professional skill, creates taste experiences beyond the ordinary. In collaboration with the West Sweden Tourist Board and Lokal Meny, we have gathered local shops, farms and others, both large and small, who share their gems. There are also several skilled craftsmen and other local talents on site who together contribute to a rich selection. Here you will find cooking inspiration, taste tests and a variety of fantastic examples of local culinary delights.

We are also incredibly proud to have with us Katja Palmdahl (award-winning chef and famous from Kockarnas Kamp 2022 TV show), who will offer inspiring cooking from our Food Stage on two occasions. There will also be cooking inspiration from "Järnet by Chef" who, together with "Godhem Sour Café", will cook and talk about local food.

Program Matscenen - The Food Stage

11:00 The Food Fair opens

11:45 Inspirational cooking
Katja Palmdahl – experienced restaurateur from Gothenburg and known from this year Kockarnas Kamp (Swedish cooking show), prepares dishes on local ingredients.

13:25 Inspirational cooking
Chefs from restaurant "Järnet by Chefs" and "Godhem Sour Café" cooks and talk about local food.

14:00 Inspirational cooking
Katja Palmdahl and her sidekick Patrick Palmdahl cooks exciting dishes with the Food Fair exhibitors' ingredients.

Food at the fair

Street food - with inspiration from both local and international cuisine.

Oysters - & Champagne bar - Fresh oysters and drinks from Strömmarn's Nanobryggeri, Gotlands Bryggeri, Spring Wine and Champagnehuset


AD70 - Pralines and chocolates
Adelsåsen - Turkey delicacies
Bilia - Cars
Bohlins Glass - Ice cream
Dalslands Alpacka - Handicrafts made by alpaca wool
Ehrenhofers Lamm & Vilt - Meat
Emmamalena - Clothes and jewelry
Fogarollia Barista Partner - Coffee
For Real Foods - Pizza
Godhem Sour Café - Bread
Helgess - Knives
Koberg Vilt - Game meat
Kullings Kalvdans - Kalvdans
Munskänkarna i Trollhättan - Wine tasting and courses
Nordea - Bank
Osthallen Vänersborg - Cheese
Ostronakademin - Oysters
Sivans Osthandel - Cheese
Strömmarn's - Local beer
Widén Gården - Marmelade, jam and more
Åsbackens Honung - Honey