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Photographer: JOACHIM NYWALL

Food and Craft Fair 2024

Welcome to a local food fair that proudly and skillfully creates extraordinary culinary experiences. In collaboration with the Swedish Tourist Board Västsverige and Lokal Meny, we have gathered local producers, both large and small, who share their gems. There are also several skilled craftsmen and other local talents on site who together contribute to a day full of inspiration. Here you will find cooking inspiration, tastings and a wealth of fantastic examples of local food.

Inspirational cooking

With the fantastic response we received from Katja Palmdahl and our local chefs' inspirational cooking in 2023, we are aiming to expand from two to four sessions on Saturday's European Oyster Opening Championship!

We have local chefs who will use regional ingredients to prepare and present their signature dishes with lamb, game, mussels and oysters as the main ingredient.

In collaboration with Smaka på Västsverige and Smaka på Trollhättan, Rickard Halleröd from Albert Kök, Hotell och Konferens will lead the activities from the cooking stage, which this year will have its own place in Lilla NOVA Arena, which is located directly adjacent to NOVA Arena.

Inspiration from the food stage

In 2024, we are expanding the program's inspirational cooking on the Food Stage! We have the pleasure of having the chef and restaurateur Rickard Halleröd lead the activities from our food stage. The food stage now has its own stage in the adjoining Lilla NOVA Arena.

Award-winning Janne Bark from Musselbaren, Ulrika Lorensson and Mathias Svensson from Havstenssunds Ostron are on the program, as well as our local chefs Victor Kahale Larsson, Jimi Sandberg, Richard Larsen and Daniel Norman who will showcase their skills, with ingredients from among others Ehrenhofers Vilt and Kullans Lycka. Don't miss this!

Food at the fair

New for this year: NOVA Arena Restaurant! This year, we have arranged seating next to our restaurant, check out this year's menu. 

Fish & seafood soup with aioli and sourdough baguette - 125 SEK

Poke bowl with sesame salmon, rice noodles and accompaniments - 110 SEK

Poke bowl with marinated beans, rice noodles and accompaniments - 110 SEK

Chili with beef, yoghurt and nacho chips - 110 SEK

Caesar wrap - 95 SEK

NOVA Shrimp sandwich 100g - 165 SEK


A list of all exhibitors will be released soon, but here are some of those who are already confirmed for this year's food and crafts fair:

AD70 - Pralines and chocolates
Agnetas Honung/Dalslands Mat - Honey
Bohlins Glass - Ice cream
Ehrenhofers Lamm & Vilt - Meat
Emmamalena - Clothes and jewelry
Fröken Grönkulla - Candy, fudge and bread
Hunnebergs Bigårdar - Honey
Koberg Vilt - Game meat
Kullans Lycka - Wool products
Kullings Kalvdans - Kalvdans
Mossängens Gård - Marmelade, mustard and pastries
Ronnums Herrgård - Manor located near the town of Vargön
Sivans Osthandel - Cheese
Widén Gården - Marmelade, jam and more
Åsbackens Honung - Honey




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