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Photographer: Roy Johansson

Getting here by bus

In Trollhättan and Vänersborg, it is easy to take the bus both when traveling around the cities, between the cities or to and from other parts of West Sweden. The local bus and train company Västtrafik manages all local bus traffic in our cities. The main hubs for traveling our area is the train stations in Trollhättan and Vänersborg.

Taking the bus to Trollhättan and Vänersborg

It is easy and fast to take the bus to our area, several of our neighboring cities offer bus traffic here with several departures every day. For example, you can take the bus from Kampenhof in Uddevalla to Trollhättan in 30 minutes. There are also buses between Trollhättan and Lidköping (approx. 1 hour travel time) and Skövde (approx. 2 hours travel time). From Trollhättan it is then easy to switch to a local bus or train to Vänersborg. See bus schedules in our area by visiting Västtrafik's website.

Local buses

Both Trollhättan and Vänersborg are served by several city buses that go in different areas of the city, most buses go past the train station or main square in both cities. There are also buses that go out to the towns within the municipalities. 

If you are looking for information how to travel with local buses please visit our page on local train and buses. 

Buying tickets

Tickets for the bus can be purchased via the Västtrafik app, online or by purchasing tickets at a ticket office. There are several ticket types; ticket for a single trip, day tickets or period tickets. If you want to purchase tickets at an ticket office you can either visit Trollhättan train station and the Västtrafik ticket office or go to Vänersborg Tourist Center. At Vänersborg Tourist Center we can help you get bus or train tickets. 

Buy tickets online here.

Find out more about Västtrafik app.

Visit Vänersborg Tourist Center.

Visit Trollhättan Västtrafik Ticket Office.

Trollhättan Train Station / Travel Center

Trollhättan train station is only a few minutes walk from central Trollhättan where you can find accommodation, restaurants and shops. From the train station and travel center you can also easily take the bus to different parts of the city such as the popular Innovatum District. There is a waiting hall, kiosk and a Västtrafik ticket office. 

Vänersborg Train Station / Travel Center

Vänersborg train station is right by the city center and you can easily reach the main square just by following the Edsgatan street or walk along the canal. From the train station and travel center you are close to all the city's accommodation and sights. You can also easily take the bus from here to other parts of the city and surrounding area. There is a waiting room and a kiosk. To buy train and bus tickets, please visit the Vänersborg Tourist Center that is located at the main square.