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Cycling in Trollhättan

Explore Trollhättan by bike

Trollhättan is an excellent city to explore by bicycle. There are plenty of cycle paths and bike trails that take you from the city center to the major sights such as the locks area, Spikön, Älvrummet nature reserve and the Innovatum District.

Explore Trollhättan by bike

You can easily reach all major tourist destination by bike in Trollhättan. For example, you can take the bike from the city center and follow the road to the left of the bridge (Klaffbron) in the city center. The road will take you past the Trollhättan Waterfalls, Olidan Hydro Power Station and then you will arrive at the Trollhättan Locks area. If you want to take a detour you can cross the Oscar's bridge and go up the hill and visit the viewing platform of Kopparklinten. You can also cross the new Olide bridge and visit the exciting Innovatum District where Saab Car Museum and Innovatum Science Center are located. If you instead go right at the city center bridge (Klaffbron) you can bike along the beautiful Spikön island chain in the middle of Göta river. If you follow that road you can go all the way up to Överby shopping center outside of Trollhättan. 

Follow the bike trails

Sverigeleden and Västgötaleden are two big bike trails that pass through our area. Sverigeleden covers all of Sweden, from Trelleborg and Ystad in the south all the way up to the northernmost part of Sweden and the border to Finland, in total over 2620 kilometers long. Västgötaleden is a bike trail that covers most of the local Västra Götaland area of Sweden, the central west part of Sweden.

You can also go on the local Linnaeus Trail that follows the path of the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus when he visited the area in the year 1746. The bike path will take you from Trollhättan up to the plateau mountain Hunneberg, by the neighboring town of Vänersborg and then back to Trollhättan. The trail is about 65 kilometers long. Read more about the Linnaeus Trail here. 

Bicycle pumps

If you need some extra air in your tires, there are two bike pumps in Trollhättan that you can use. One is located close by the train station in Trollhättan, by the bicycle parking south of the train station main building. The other one is located in the Innovatum District, in the southern part of Trollhättan at the N3 building by the large parking lot. 

Bike maps 

The Tourist Center have maps for local bike routes and an overview map over the bike paths in the Trollhättan-Vänersborg area. A digital overview map of bike routes in central Trollhättan is available here for download (pdf). 

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