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Cycling in Vänersborg

Explore Vänersborg by bike

Recently, Vänersborg ranked as the 27th best municipality for cycling in Sweden. Vänersborg offers beautiful scenery and good cycle paths and bike trails close by the large Lake Vänern and the Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg. Halleberg and Hunnebeg are two table mountains close by the city that gives you further options on great day trips. Below you will find a map to help you explore the area by bike.

Bike along the coast of Lake Vänern

Bike along the coast of Sweden's largest lake, Lake Vänern at Skräckle Park and the areas of Holmängen. Here you can take a dip in Lake Vänern from one of the several beaches along the way. 

If you instead want to explore the city, there are several paths that takes you through the central part of the city and south along the waters of Vassbotten Bay to the Karls Grav Canal down to Brinkebergskulle sluss (Brinkebergskulle locks). Here are several great places for a picnic right by the canal.

Use Vänersborg as a starting point to discover the surrounding area

If you want to explore more than Vänersborg itself then there are plenty of options. Several major bike trails such as Dalslandsleden, Sverigeleden and Västgötaleden goes right through the area. Sverigeleden (The Sweden Trail) covers all of Sweden, from Trelleborg and Ystad in the south all the way up to the northernmost part of Sweden and the border to Finland, in total over 2620 kilometers long. Västgötaleden (The Västgöta Trail) is a bike trail that covers most of the local western area of Sweden. Dalslandsleden (The Dalsland Trail) goes north to the neighboring Dalsland area, famous for its beautiful nature.

You can also go on the local Linnaeus Trail that follows the path of the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus when he visited the area in the year 1746. The bike path will take you from Vänersborg south to the neighboring town of Trollhättan then up on the other side of Göta river to the table mountain Hunneberg and back to Vänersborg. The trail is about 65 kilometers long. Read more about the Linnaeus Trail here. 

An excellent day trip is otherwise to cycle towards the town of Vargön and then go up to one of the mountains of Halleberg and Hunneberg. Here you can discover magnificent preserved nature and if you are lucky you might see one of the moose that lives on the mountain. Here you can also visit the Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill on Hunneberg, a museum that shows the history and nature of the Halleberg and Hunneberg mountains. Here you can also rent mountain bikes to explore one of the mountain's several mountain bike paths. 

Bike maps

The Tourist Office in Vänersborg offers bicycle maps for the local cycle paths and bike trails. The bike map for central Vänersborg and the surrounding area is also available here: Bike map page 1 and Bike map page 2 (PDF).

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