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Photographer: City Trollhättan

Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground

The small but popular playground right in the center of the main pedestrian street

Playground in central Trollhättan with a slide, playhouse, trampolines and more. This is one of the smallest playgrounds in Trollhättan but also one of the most popular. Glass-Oskars Lekplats (Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground) is perfect for taking a break while exploring the central streets of Trollhättan.

Welcome to Ice Cream-Oskar's Playground on Kungsgatan Street

Here on the central Kungsgatan Street, just outside the Oden Shopping Center you will find the small but popular playground named after the man who founded the famous Trollhätteglass (Trollhätte Ice Cream) company. Trollhätteglass was a local ice cream brand founded in 1933 by Oskar Olsson, popularly known as Glass-Oskar (Ice Cream-Oskar). 

The most prominent feature of the playground is the playhouse built as an ice cream shop that looks like the popular shop once located on Drottningtorget (Main Square) that closed down sometime during the 1950s or 60's. 

The playground is aimed at younger children, 1-4 years old. The shop stands on an area with rubber mats where there are also trampolines and a slide. 

Contact information

Glass-Oskars lekplats

Kungsgatan 34

461 83 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 0520 495000

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Website: trollhattan.se