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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik


Popular restaurant overlooking the canal

Koppargrillen is the genuine family-owned restaurant known for its meat dishes and tasty bearnaise sauce. The restaurant is located close to the beautiful canal in Vänersborg city center, just a few hundred meters from the train station, main square and Lake Vänern.

Koppargrillen is a classic

When visiting Vänersborg, Koppargrillen is a must according to the locals. No matter if its a lunch or three-course dinner in the evening, you have to try the classic meat dishes with french fries and Koppargrillens well-known bearnaise sauce. 

Outdoor dining by the harbor canal

In summer the outdoor seating is very popular due to the beautiful location just by the canal. Here you can see sailboats passing on their way out into Lake Vänern. 

Family business since the late 60's

In 1966, the restaurant was opened by Gerhard Hagemann and now his sons are running the restaurant. Even though minor changes has been made over the years, they have tried to keep the restaurant as intact as possible. They emphasize that it is important that the feeling of entering the restaurant should be warm and genuine. 

Contact information

Restaurang Koppargrillen

Hamngatan 13

462 33 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 521 181 51

Website: koppargrillen.se