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Photographer: JOACHIM NYWALL

Lake Öresjö

A beautiful lake perfect for bathing and fishing

Only a ten-minute drive from Trollhättan lies Lake Öresjö, a lake with many coves and islands. During the summer, many locals travel here to enjoy a cool bath at either the Munkeboviken or Phoenix beaches.

During 2017 a lot of work was put in to develop Lake Öresjö as a destination for both locals and tourists. A new kiosk was built and a beautiful wooden boardwalk was opened. Welcome to a exciting lake surrounded by beautiful nature with space for both activity and quiet moments. 


At Lake Öresjö there are two popular beaches. 

Munkeboviken is a great beach with both grass and sandy areas, WC, children's swimming area, jetty, playground and a kiosk. Munkeboviken focuses on accessibility and here you can find, among other things, a new jetty adapted for motion-impaired guests as well as a boat ramp. 

Phoenix Beach includes a large beach and a brand new kiosk and accessible toilets. For those who prefer a quieter time at the beach there are a smaller beach close by where you can relax under the shade of one of the nearby trees. 

A new boardwalk that stretches from Munkeboviken up to Phoenix Beach makes it possible to move freely between the two. Here are also benches to rest on and several places to eat a picnic or have a barbecue. 

Fishing in Lake Öresjö

Lake Öresjö is a 1093 ha (approximately 11km²) large oligotrophic lake with a maximum depth of 33 meters. The lake has a stable population of mainly perch and pike. Roach and Ruffe is also common with a population of Common beam, Smelt, Tench and Vendace as well. There is also a population of Mysis relicta, a small crustacean that measures about 2 cm in size and has been here since the ice age. 

Fishing is best done by boat. Apart from the area around the bathing areas in the eastern part, other parts are relatively difficult for fishing from land. Considering the risk of spreading crayfish plague, great caution should be observed before launching boats. Boats, canoes etc. used in other waters during the last two weeks must be disinfected before launching. Since the lake is also part of a water protection area, two-stroke engines that do not comply with new emission requirements are not allowed.

Ramp for launching is in Munkeboviken at the eastern branch of the lake.

You can buy your physical fishing permit for Lake Vänern in the Coop Strömslund supermarket or at Trollhättan Tourist Center. You can also buy it online at ifiske.se. You need one fishing permit per person. 

Per day: 60 SEK
Per week: 150 SEK
Per year: 300 SEK

You can also buy a permit via SMS:
Per day: 70 SEK. Send FISKA AF3 and your first- and surname to number 72456
Per week: 170 SEK. Send FISKA AF4 and your first- and surname to number 72456
Per year: 350 SEK. Send FISKA AF5 and your first- and surname to number 72456

Fishing rules
- The fishing permit is personal and only allows for fishing with hand gear, one rod per person. 
- Trolling with a maximum of one fishing rod per person. Angeldon (maximum 10 per fishing trip). 
- Children under the age of 16 years fish for free
- Net fishing, vertical fishing with a sonar and crayfish fishing is NOT allowed.
- Lake Öresjö is declared a protected area for river crayfish and therefore it is forbidden to use fish caught in other waters as bait. It is also forbidden to use fishing gear, boats, machines or other objects that have been used in other bodies of water outside this area in the last two weeks without disinfection. 

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