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NOHAB Smithy

Experience an authentic industrial environment from the past

The NOHAB Smithy in the Innovatum District is one of Sweden's oldest hammer forges. Here you can experience the forge just as it looked during the time of NOHAB when it produced equipment for locomotives, tools and more. Open for visitors between the end of June to middle of August but you can book visits via Innovatum Science Center all year round.

NOHAB's old smithy is a unique industrial environment preserved as it was when it was still producing goods for the NOHAB industry. Here are the giant hammers, with the ovens and all the authentic tools next to it. The smithy is one of Sweden's oldest hammer forges.

If we go back in time..

It has been in operation since 1847 when the company NOHAB, Nydqvist & Holm AB, started operations. The current premises were put into service in 1935. Amongst other things, the smithy has made equipment to the locomotives made in NOHAB, rings, shafts, tools and more. The machine equipment today consists of three 500-800 kilos of air hammers and two smaller hammers. 

What is happening today?

When the operations closed down in 1993, Trollhättan municipality purchased all the inventories to save the smithy. Today there is still activity in the smithy. The artisans Inge Dahlgren and Ivan Dahlstrand Kamiyasu have workshops, galleries and courses at the NOHAB's smithy. From the end of June to the middle of August, visitors can come in to the smithy to see the artisans work with the same tools used so long ago. 

Group visits in the smithy can be booked by appointment, contact the reception at Innovatum's science center for booking, +46520-289 400.

Contact information

NOHAB Smedja

Åkerssjövägen 10

46153 Trollhättan

Phone: +46520289400

E-mail: info@innovatum.se

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