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Woman standing in yogapose shoeless in nature

Body, Mind & Spirit

In a stressful everyday life it's important to let body and mind rest. To let both body and mind relax and strech out is a step in the right direction. Here you can find some good possibilites to peaceful recovery.

Widenberg Yoga

Yoga for you - the words that flows through everything we do, courses, classes and events for Widenberg Yoga and The Yoga Space. Join an event, a course or book an individual yoga session.

Nature Walk

Do you like spending time in nature and recharge? Then you might like our nature walks with stops for excercises. Experience our beautiful surroundings and charge your batteries in nature with us!

The Sauna Raft

Best of both worlds - hot and cold, sauna and outdoor bath at the best possible way. Enjoy a beautiful view and take a bath from inside or outside the sauna. We also have a cosy little deck perfect for a picnic together.

Arena Älvhögsborg

At Arena Älvhögsborg you find the perfect place for calming massages. You can choose either a full or half body massage. Let your body rest and get taken care of by a proffessional.

Ashtanga YogaCenter

Ashtanga yoga strengthens the body's muscles, gives you increased mobility and balance and makes you more body aware. It gives you the opportunity to turn your focus inwards and meet yourself on a deeper level.

Sat Nam Atma Yoga

Come just as you are. As a student, beginner as well as experienced yogi, you are led with an allowing attitude and soft guidance through yoga classes in an uplifting and inspiring way.

St Lukas

Need someone to talk to? Psychotherapy and conversational support are a large part of the activities at St. Lukas. If you feel mentally ill, are going through a difficult life situation or have questions about life, we are here for you.

Spa day?

Do you want more inspiration to feel good? Maybe it's time to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Take a look at the range of further opportunities to relax and take care of yourself in the best way. You are worth it!