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Tre mopeder som kör på en väg med kossor i hagen bredvid.

Fotograf: Tobias Andersson / Next Skövde

Culture route Skaraborg

Feel the history and enjoy the magnificent scenery as you go along the culture route Skaraborg. It ranges from Karleby, past ancient monuments and monastic ruins, passing Hornborgasjön with its rich bird life, on through the Valle region, past the beautiful valleys and spectacular mountain slopes and ends in Tidan where you can experience everything from garage sales to the ancient remains. Welcome to discover our favorite spots!


In the area around Tidan you find lake Östen, which is a typical floodplain lake, nutritious and shallow. It is one of the most valuable bird lakes in the country, and a very important link in the chain of resting places for migratory birds. The beautiful landscape around the lake bears evidence from thousands of years of human activity, and here you can also find several ancient monuments and cultural sights. Lake Östen, together with the rivers Tidan and Ösan, has connected large parts of north and east Skaraborg. A lot of the findings that have been made in the area indicates a very rich district. On your visit here, do not miss the ancient monuments Kung Ranes hög and Askeberga ship cumulus, or the cultural reserve Vallby Sörgården.


Here in the Valle area we are not modest – the area is marketed as “Vallevägen - the world's most beautiful road”. Roughly 20 small business owners have joined forces to highlight the area's assets and resources. This involves both artists, producers, traders and B&B’s. The nature in the area is characterized by the kame landscape with its rolling hills. This type of landscape is considered unique in the world - it was formed when the inland ice retreated. There are over 60 km of hiking trails, and the area is known for all the tens of thousands cherry trees that blossom here during May.

Utsikt över Vallebygden där du ser både grönskande träd och vita blommande körsbärsträd.


In between Skara and Skövde you find Varnhem which is a popular destination. The location is part of an ancient cultural area that has been cultivated and inhabited for thousands of years. In the scenic environment around the church and monastery ruins, you can take advantage of a great story. The surrounding area a fairytale meadow flora thrives, and in the garden next to the church, you can find medicinal plants from the medieval times. Close to the monestary church, archeologists have found the ruins from one of Sweden’s oldest churches – built already during the Viking era! The exciting findings that have been made have led to the history of Västergötland being partially rewritten. The sight has been named Kata Farm.

Fotograf: Mårten Bergkvist


One of Sweden's richest bird lakes. Commonly known for the amount of cranes that stop at the lake before flying on towards and from their breeding grounds. On pillars in the lake you find the visitor center Hornborgasjön, an information center including an exhibition about the lake's history and bird life. Hornborgasjön is an over 4000 hectare large nature reserve. The reserve includes mainly the lake and its shoreline, but also some of the old farmland east of the lake.

Fotograf: Roger Borgelid

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