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Photographer: Emelie Romland

Canoeing in the Fegen area

Canoeing system with place to stay along the way

The Fegen area is based around the Fegen nature, which is located in the southern part of Svenljunga. Here, western Sweden meets Småland and Halland with their fantastic landscapes. The area consists of several lakes and watercourses, including Ätran.

A nature area with a host of possibilities

The Fegen area's canoeing and kayaking system offers many opportunities and varies experiences. Here you will find everything from small to large water courses and many lakes. The system has several campsites, which are equipped with firewood, firepits and outdoor toilets. Several companies in the area offer canoes for hire and would be happy to help with route planning. 

Photographer: Johanna Sander

Suggested canoe trails 

Canoe trail Håcksvik-Kalvsjön/Fegensjön - NOTE fallen trees


A perfect day trip through smaller water courses. The trail takes 5-6 hours or a half day, approximately 3 hours with a stop off in Klägghult. 

Håcksvik-Klägghult (2-3 hours)

Start in Håcksvik and head south in Stångån. Journey through alternating agricultural and forest landscapes. There is a short portage at low tide in Mölleberg, it is often possible to simply leave the canoe lying and pulling it gently. At the bridge in Klägghult there is a landing, should you prefer a shorter trip of approximately 2-3 hours.

Klägghult-Kalvsjön (3 hours)

Should you prefer a longer trip you will keep travelling south and follow Stångån (keeping right) until you reach Kalvsjön. This stretch takes about 3 hours.

Klägghult-Fegensjön (2 hours)

you have the choice to travel southeast from Kägghult and left into Spångån until you reach Lake Fegensjön. 

Canoe trail Round the lakes - 2 days

This two-day tour takes you through all the lakes in the system lakes, including Kalvsjön, Svansjöarna and Fegensjön. A relaxing trip where you may have the opportunity to see the black-throated loon?

A two day trip with an overnight stay in a wind shelter

The two-day trip includes about 4 hours of canoeing / day, with an overnight stay in the Fegen nature reserve.

Day 1
Set off from Kalv and travel south in Kalvsjön. Head towards Götshult with a 200-300 m portage to Svansjön. Travel through Lake Svansjön until you reach Fegen. Option of an overnight stay in a wind shelter on campsites Backa Nedre / Övre.

Day 2
On day two you journey north in Fegen to Spångån. A short portage (20-30 m) below the stretch at Gammalsjö. Follow Spångån until you reach Stångån. Then keep left and head south, back towards Kalv. 

Canoe trail Tostaholmen-Kummeludden

This canoe trail is best suited to when water level is high. The tour goes through smaller water courses which makes for a relaxing trip.

Canoeing trip through smaller water courses

The route starts in Lake Tostaholmen and takes you through the Kvarntorpsån river towards Fegensjön and Kummeludden. This route can prove tricky at low water. Tullkvarnen and Gammalsjö are beautiful stops along the way. The route takes 2-3 hours with the option to continue through Lake Fegensjön, with its many nice campsites for overnight stays.

Canoeing in Svenljunga local authority

Travel north to south along Ätran or in any of our lakes. Some sections of the northern part of Ätran can be somewhat difficult to negotiates due to its many obstacles. To the south of Östra Frölunda and Håcksvik, we operate a network of campsite and regularly check the routes. The campsite network has its base in the Fegen nature reserve.  In addition to canoeing, the area around Fegen also offers hiking and biking trails and there is a wide range of accommodation options - from wind shelters to hotels. The Fegen area has its own website which you can find here.

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