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Älvrummet in Trollhätte Canalpark

The Älvrummet nature reserve connects the waterfall area with the locks area along the waters of the Göta river. Älvrummet offers its guests a varied and beautiful natural environment that is easily accessible with the many paths that runs through the area. 

Here you can find major attractions such as the Kopparklinten viewpoint and the Olidan hydropower plant, but also the starting point for Trollhättan's most popular hiking trail; Edsvidsleden.

Kärlekens stig and Träbrostigen

Two of Älvrummets popular trails are called Kärlekens stig (The Path of Love), and Träbrostigen (Wooden bridge trail), which runs between Olidan and the Locks area. These can be combined to form a 2.5 kilometers long trail that provides varied nature by the water and inside the deep forest.

The Pilgrim Trail Göta River

The Pilgrim Trail Göta River stage 9 passes the Älvrummet nature reserve and the nearby Åkersberg nature reserv on the way north towards Vänersborg or south towards Utby.