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Getting here by boat

Trollhättan and Vänersborg is a destination surrounded by water. In the north there is the large Lake Vänern with ports such as Karlstad, Kristinehamn and Mariestad and also the start of Göta Canal. Here the Göta River runs through the area all the way from Lake Vänern to Gothenburg and the North Sea. If you visit our area by boat, it is easy to stop by at one of our guest harbors near the city center for one or more days of discovery.

Trollhätte Canal and Locks

It is easy to reach Trollhättan and Vänersborg with boat, either from the north from Lake Vänern or from the south from Gothenburg via the Göta River. Our area is therefore a great place for a stop while on your way to Lake Vänern or Gothenburg.

Trollhätte Canal is 82 kilometers long, 10 kilometers of that distance is a dug canal, the rest is natural river. Trollhätte Canal and Göta River have for 200 years offered boaters a unique and safe way to travel between Gothenburg and Lake Vänern. Along the canal you pass 12 bridges and the height difference of a total of 44 meters is managed by six locks, one at Lilla Edet with a height difference of 6 meters, four locks in Trollhättan with a total difference of 32 meters and Brinkebergskulle lock at Vänersborg of 6 meters. 

All travel on the locks and pass bridges take place under TV surveillance. It is important to know that the path between Lilla Edet and Gropbron bridge in Vänersborg is open for leisure boats between 09.00-19.00. Payment for the passage of all locks take place in Trollhättan at Kanalcentralen (The Canal Central). Credit card payment only. 

You can read more about travelling on Trollhätte Canal by boat here.

Boat service

Vänersborg's Guest Harbor and Marina - A full service marina with Blue Flag status and a boat accessory shop only about five minutes walk away from the marina. They also help with boat transports, fueling and septic tank emptying. Read more about Vänersborg's Guest Harbor and Marina here.

Westberg Marin in Trollhättan - A shop with accessories for your boat, spare parts, boat engines, boat care and more. The workshop helps with repairs, service and winter storage. Westberg Marin is located inland at Kardanvägen road in the eastern part of Trollhättan. Find on Google Maps.

Guest harbors

Spikön Guest Harbor, Trollhättan - Guest harbor located on the beautiful green oasis Spikön island, surrounded by the waters of Göta River. From the guest harbor you have a great view of Strandgatan street in Trollhättan on the other side of the river. The guest harbor is only a short walk from the city center and on the island you will also find a popular playground and a duck pond. Read more about Spikön Guest Harbor here.

Åkerssjö Guest Harbor, Trollhättan - Stay the night by the famous Trollhättan Locks area, only about three kilometers from the city center. You stay close to many popular nature areas and also the Innovatum District with sights such as the Saab Car Museum and Innovatum Science Center. Close by the guest harbor you also have a café and the Canal Museum that are open during the summer. Read more about Åkerssjö Guest Harbor here.

Vänersborg's Guest Harbor and Marina, Vänersborg - Stay near the city center of Vänersborg at this full service marina with everything you would expect a modern marina to have. There is also a shop with everything your boat needs. From here you are close by many of Vänersborg's most popular sights. Read more about Vänersborg's Guest Harbor and Marina here.

Grönvik's Guest Harbor, Vänersborg - A protected harbor within the Ursand's leisure area, close to Ursand Resort and Camping and its beautiful sandy beach. At the camping you will find a large selection of activities for the whole family and many paths to walk or bike in the nearby nature area. Read more about Ursand Resort and Camping here.