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Take a dip in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. Sweden's largest lake, Lake Vänern, offers several wonderful sandy beaches to choose from with beautiful views of the waters stretching all the way to the horizon. For those of you who prefer a smaller and cozy lake, Öresjö is a good option just outside Trollhättan, offering refreshing baths among the beautiful scenery.

Swimming at Öresjö, Trollhättan

Only a ten minute car ride from central Trollhättan lies Öresjö, a lake with many bays, peninsulas and islands. During the summer many of the Trollhättan locals go to Öresjö for a refreshing swim, either at Munkeboviken or at Phoenix beach.

At Öresjö there are two popular beaches:

Munkeboviken is a high quality beach with open areas, sandy beach, WC, jettys, a kiosk, a playground and a child-friendly bathing/swimming area. Munkeboviken focuses on availability, among other things there is a new jetty for the disabled as well as a boat ramp.

Phoenix Beach includes a large beach, which is used for lots of activities. A brand new kiosk has been built in connection to the beach as well as accessible toilets. Those who prefer a calmer beach experience can relax in the shade under one of the trees found at the small, adjoining beach called Lugna Lagunen or ”Calm Lagoon”.

The new boardwalk from Munkeboviken up to Phoenix beach allows you to move freely between the two beaches. During the summer it is also possible to get to Öresjö by public transport, the departures are however limited.

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Swimming at Lake Vänern, Vänersborg

Go for a swim in Lake Vänern, the biggest lake in Sweden. In Vänersborg you will find five lovely, large beaches one of which is almost right in the city centre. Lake Vänern is an inviting fresh-water lake, always popular with its guests.

Skräcklan – Nice and Cosy Beach Near Vänersborg City Centre
At Skräckleparken (Skräckle Park) just north of Vänersborg city centre there are several nice beaches along Birger Sjöberg’s street, which follows the shore of Lake Vänern. At Jakob’s island there is a diving-board reachable via the walkway/pedestrian bridge. Here you will also find playgrounds, toilets, park benches and Skräcklestugan, a café that serves delicious shrimp sandwiches and other treats.

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Ursand – Sandy Beach right next to Ursand´s Resort and Camping
At Vänersborg’s biggest camping site, only three kilometers north of the city centre, you will find a popular beach with some great rocks from which you can jump into the water. Here you will find toilets, a playground for the children, a kiosk and lots more.

Take the opportunity to visit the camping site and its restaurant with a fantastic view over Lake Vänern and Ecopark Halle- and Hunnerberg. Ursand also has a canoe and bicycle rental service, outdoor pools and miniature golf. Read more about Ursand’s Resort und Camping here.

Gaddesanna – Child-friendly Beach at the Foot of Halleberg
At the foot of Halleberg in Vänersnäs you will find Gaddesanna and its lovely beaches and cliffs. Close to the shore the water is shallow enough to be a child-friendly swimming spot and during sunny summer days the water stays keeps a pleasant temperature. There is a kiosk as well as good parking and toilets.

There are summer houses and a small harbour for pleasure boats in and around the area offering sights for those who want to take a stroll. The Halleberg mountain also lies within reach. A walk up through Svallklev and on to the viewing point Ekebacken is highly recommended. The viewing point offers an amazing view over Lake Vänern and the whole of Vänersnäs.

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Nordkroken – Shallow Beach with a Beautiful View of Lake Vänern
A beach just outside of Vargön with an amazing view of Lake Vänern. The shallow water results in a higher temperature after only a few sunny days! Water temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius is normal for a warm summer’s day.

The impressive precipices of Halleberg located next to the beach gives it an almost exotic look. If the children wants a break from swimming there is a large swing comfortably located in the shade. There are also toilets nearby.

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Sikhall – Beach South of Sikhall Camping
Two miles north of Vänersborg lies Sikhall beautifully located in a bay toward the south. Here you will find a lovely beach with shallow water, making it the perfect spot for a family with young children. You can relax on the lawns around the beach and Sikhall Camping with its shop and café is just around the corner. There are also toilets close to the beach.

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