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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik


Enjoy a Swedish fika or a nice lunch just by the shores of Lake Vänern

Skräcklestugan or Skäckle Café is located on the banks of Lake Vänern in Skräckle Park, Vänersborg. The café is housed in a newly renovated coffee shop from the 1930s. Here you will find waffles, shrimp sandwiches, homemade food and pastries. Open from the beginning of May until the middle of September.

Welcome to a summer open café with beautiful views of Sweden's largest lake Lake Vänern, here you can enjoy good food and relaxing surroundings in the popular Skräckle Park in Vänersborg. Inside the café there is room for around sixty guests and during beautiful weather a hundred guests can sit outside right on the shores of Lake Vänern. 

On the menu you will find the classic waffles and shrimp sandwiches and a good range of other hot and cold dishes. Everything is cooked from scratch on site with Swedish ingredients. Of course, they also have home-baked pastries as well as a ice cream for sale. 

Contact information

Café Skräcklestugan

Parkgatan 2

46231 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 0521 12375

E-mail: info@skräcklestugan.se

Website: skracklestugan.se