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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik

Swedish Church Vänersborg and Väne-Ryr Parish

Discover the churches of Vänersborg and Väne-Ryr in Vänersborg municipality

Vänersborg and Väne-Ryrs parish was formed in 2010 by merging Vänersborgs parish and Väne-Ryrs parish and has since formed its own pastorate. There are six churches in the pastorate.

Vänersborg's church

Vänersborgs church is located in the centre of Vänersborg, beautifully situated at Plantaget-park, near the square. The church is three-headed and built in classicist style during 1783-1784. The tower with the two bells was added later and was completed in 1799. The Vänersborg Church is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 PM to 4 PM.

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Väne-Ryr's church

Väne-Ryr's church is located in the middle of the small town of Väne-Ryr and was consecrated in 1732. The church is the only preserved wooden church in the western part of Skara diocese. During the 1740's, a bell and pulpit with a roof, altar and altarpiece were purchased. On the ground floor you can find the sacristy. The interior has retained its 18th century character.

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Blåsut's church

Blåsut church is located in the district of Blåsut on the west side of Vassbotten in Vänersborg. The church was built in 1974 and is typically designed with white stripped right-angled facades in mexican brick.

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Mariero's church

Mariero church is located in the south-eastern part of Vänersborg and was built in 1977. 1984 it became the district church and was therefore rebuilt in 1986. The building is a slope house, built in yellow brick and from the outside it does not look like church. The parish home is incorporated with the church building. On the southeast side there is a belfry.

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Onsjö's church

Onsjö church was inaugurated in 1988 and is located in the area Onsjö in Vänersborg. The church is centrally locateded and is much of an "everyday church" where activities for children, youth as well as adults take place.

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The Church house

The expedition for the Church of Sweden Vänersborg and Väne-Ryr is located on 23 Kungsgatan in Vänersborg near Vänersborg's church.


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Svenska kyrkan Vänersborg och Väne-Ryrs församling

Kungsgatan 23

462 23 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 0521 26 55 00

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