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winter bath on Öckeröarna

Photographer: Annelie Pompe

Winter swimming in Trollhättan and Vänersborg

The icy trend continues, more and more people are discovering the refreshing and wonderful feeling of taking a dip in the icy winter water during the coldest months of the year. Here we have collected some tips on places where you can swim during the winter.


Winter swimming in Trollhättan

The main lake for swimming, both in summer and in winter in Trollhättan is Lake Öresjö, located about a 10 minutes car ride from central Trollhättan. It is not allowed to swim in the Göta river or the Trollhätte Canal due to strong currents and boat traffic. 

Gräsviken, Lake Öresjö - Here a hole in the ice is kept open when the lake is frozen where you can swim. Located near Gräsviken Kursgård and Lägergård

If the water of Lake Öresjö is ice-free, you can also swim at the Phoenix and Munkeboviken beaches at Lake Öresjö. You can read more about the lake and both beaches on this page


Winter swimming in Vänersborg

Vänersborg is surrounded by the waters of Lake Vänern with many good places to swim both during summer and winter that are close to the city center. 

Jakoben, Skräcklan Park - Here there is a ladder down to a hole in the ice where you can take a dip when the water is frozen. Skräcklan Park is located just north of the city center of Vänersborg. Find it here.

Gaddes brygga, Blåsut - Here, too, there is a ladder down to a hole in the ice where you can easily take a dip. Here you will also get a wonderful view of Vänersborg from the other side of Vassbotten bay. Nearby there is also an area where you can go ice skating on the bay ice. Find it here.

Fredriksberg - If Vassbotten bay is ice-fre during winter, you can go winter swimming at the Fredriksberg park area in Vänersborg. Just by the playground there are easy access to the water if you want to go for a quick swim in the cold water. Find it here.

Korseberg - Again, if Vassbotten bay is ice-free you can also take a dip from one of the jettys located at the newly built residential area of Korseberg just south of central Vänersborg. Find it here.

Take a dip from The Sauna Raft (Bastuflotten) - On the Sauna Raft you can experience the best of both worlds - heat and cold, sauna and swimming, just next to eachother. Swim in Lake Vänern and then heat up inside the sauna. Read more about the Sauna Raft here.



Tips for winter swimming

Winter swimming in Sweden has become increasingly popular, not least for the many positive health effects that a dip in icy water can bring. We have been taking cold dips for a long time, but it started to be really organized at the beginning of the 20th century and during the 1920s it was increasingly popular.

The health effects are, among other things, a lower risk of infections, a reduced degree of inflammation and better stress control. Even moodiness and depression have been shown to be positively affected by winter swimming.

However, there are things you should consider before jumping in. If you have high blood pressure or have had problems with heart disease, you should consult a doctor first. It is also important not to expose yourself to the cold for too long - then the effects can be the opposite.

Advice on what to think about when swimming in winter by Karl Hultén, Linköping University:

  • Swim together with someone.
  • Use a swimming cap and swimming slippers to avoid frostbite.
  • Be careful if you have previously had heart disease or high blood pressure - check with your doctor first.
  • Avoid swimming if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Take it easy when swimming and don't run on the jetty - there is usually ice there.