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Photographer: Lina Katana

Nature as hotel room

Try spending the night in a lean-to shelter

Pack your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure at home. It's time to discover the nature around you and all the excitement that it entails. Time required: minimum 1 night stay.

The trends this year are very much about conscious and sustainable solutions and the concept of "staycation" is high on the wish list. Exercising a staycation can look different, but basically it is about vacationing in and near the home. In this article, we do not just want to encourage you to wander in the fantastic environment you are surrounded by here in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. We also want to tell you about the everyday luxury nature here actually offers - namely to occupy nature's finest hotel rooms, let us present the lean-to shelter.

Trollhättan and Vänersborg offer several different natural environments and a varied range of room categories among lean-to shelters. Its design looks different in different places and we want to believe that there is something for everyone here. Maybe you prefer close to the city center or as far from civilization as possible, or maybe water views are the most important thing?

Pick and choose among nature's own hotel rooms, and do you know what the best thing is?
This adventure costs nothing, it is open to everyone and no pre-booking is required!

Room 1. Lean-to shelter near the city center, Trollhättan

This shelter is located in close proximity to Forngården with beautiful Trollhätte Falls a stone's throw away. There are amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Parking is available at Forngården and you have both short and longer more challenging hikes at your disposal. This shelter is perhaps best suited for a day trip, but the possibility of an overnight stay is available for those who wish.

Hiking trails nearby
Edsvidsleden, a 14 km long hike on the west side of the Göta River.
De Lavals trail, a 1.6 km long trail that goes around the Trollhätte falls.

Room 2. Lean-to shelter at the Slätthult's Outdoor Area, Trollhättan

At Slätthult's outdoor area, you will find this solid lean-to shelter that accommodates the whole family. Right next door you will find Slätthults trails which suits you who want to exercise in beautiful nature, just a stone's throw from the residential area Skoftebyn. Here you will find both day tracks and lighted trails at distances between 2.5-7.5 km. Good parking facilities are available in close proximity. The shelter is easy to reach and you can get here with a pram, walker and wheelchair. A perfect alternative for both the day trip and overnight stay.

Nature areas nearby
Slätthults outdoor area, wide and gravel tracks in rolling terrain.
Ryrbäckens nature reserve, a popular area for outdoor life and recreation.

Room 3. Lean-to shelter by the shores of Lake Vänern, Vänersborg

This shelter is located at the "ski slope" along Dalbo trail in Vänersborg, 250 meters down a hill. An incredibly beautiful place right on the shores of Lake Vänern with an associated fireplace. Bathing facilities are available in close proximity. Park the car just above the hill, or at Ursand and roam freely along the water, maybe it will be a trip into the heart of the city, over the Dalbo bridge to the pedestrian street with shops, cafes and restaurants, or maybe you continue the hike along Skräckleparken (Skräckle Park)?

Hiking trails nearby
Hiking in Vänerstad, a 10 km long hike in Vänersborg's urban environment and on nature trails.
Path of Health, a 7 km long hike in a varied environment in central Vänersborg.

Room 4. Lean-to shelter with water view, Hunneberg

Ecopark Halle- och Hunneberg offers several hiking trails in different levels and beautiful scenic environments. This accommodation is located at Lake Grinnsjön on Hunneberg and offers a magnificent nature and wilderness. In close proximity there is also Lake Bergsjön with a hiking trail that takes you around the lake and is about 4.5 km. This shelter is a perfect starting point when you discover the ecopark.

Discover in the immediate area
Lake Eldmörjan, a 5 km long relaxing hike by calm water and among untouched nature.
Boat rental, rent a rowing boat and discover beautiful Lake Grinnsjön.

Room 5. Lean-to shelter and barbecue area, Hunneberg

This shelter is located by Lake Kvarnsjön on Hunneberg, about 300 meters from the parking lot by the road. Here you enjoy a wonderful tranquility with a fantastic view of Lake Kvarnsjön. Before you settle into the lean-to shelter, you can cook your own food over the fire, dip your toes, or why not take a dip before going to bed for the evening. Here you wake up with the sun in your eyes and glittering water. Feel free to take a short walk to Håsten, a lookout point, only 300m from the shelter. If you go back to the path crossing and then to the left, you follow the small path and arrive at Håsten, where you have a fantastic view south over the plain of Vittene.

Tips on activities in the immediate area
Beaver safari with canoe, join a beaver safari with canoe in the beautiful Eco Park.
Rent a mountain bike, rent a bike and experience the mountain bike trails in the Eco Park.

Room 6. Lean-to shelter by the lake, Hunneberg

You can get to Lake Igelsjön without hindrance with both pram, walker and wheelchair. Here are tables with benches and a barbecue area right next to the lake. If you take a short walk along a path to the northeast, (left), you will come to some nice cliffs. Maybe you take an evening dip from the rocks, or just sit down and soak up the beauty that nature has to offer. Make a campfire, grill your food and fall asleep sweetly in the small cozy lean-on shelter. If you fall asleep sweetly, you wake up with a quiet clucking from the lake. What more could you want?

Discover in the immediate area
Try your fishing luck, enjoy wonderful fishing in untouched nature on Hunneberg.
The Royal Hunt Museum, here you get useful information about more sights and activities.

Cooking outdoors

Cooking in nature can really enhance the experience, it's just about seeing nature as your kitchen but of course also about preparation. If you plan your stay well, you can also prepare a lot from home. But if you instead go out spontaneously or simply want to treat yourself to a little luxury, you can always buy with food from one of our local food suppliers. 

Popular hikes

Here you will find some of our most popular hiking trails.


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