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10 Island Swimrun

Photographer: Daniel Breece

10 Island Swimrun

10 Island Swimrun is Sweden’s biggest solo class only swimrun event. The race takes place in the county of Öckerö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago and is suitable for both elite and amateur athletes.

What is the 10 Island Swimrun?

The 10 Island Swimrun is a swimrun race where you alternate between swimming and running along a marked course. The race goes over many lovely islands in Gothenburg’s archipelago, including Hälsö, Öckerö and Hönö among others. The varied terrain includes smooth granite rocks and open seas. The 10 Island Swimrun differs from other similar races by having only solo classes, although competitors are welcome to run together in pairs or smaller groups.

Photographer: Daniel Breece

When is the race?

Saturday 21 August 2021.


The event has two distances, one 20 km (of which 2.8 km is swimming) and one 10 km (of which 1.6 km is swimming).

The classic 20K has four classes:

  • Women
  • Elite women
  • Men
  • Elite men

The 10K has two classes:

  • Women
  • Men

Please note that this is a solo class only event. However, non-elite participants can go in twos, threes or fours and run/swim together but each participant will have their own start number.

The course routes

10 Island Swimrun is a challenging race with many transitions from land to water. The longer course starts in the harbour on Hälsö, in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. The course goes round the island first before heading offshore via some of the smaller islets to Öckerö and finally over to Hönö. The shorter course follows more or less the same route as the longer, but starts on Öckerö. Water and energy stations will be placed along the course. Both courses finish in the harbour at Hönö Klåva. You’ll find a map of the course here.


See the race website for more information.


Did you know that…?

  • It’s important to have the right equipment when competing in a swimrun. The mandatory equipment includes whistle, numbered race bib, timing equipment and swim cap. On top of that you are allowed to use, for example, swimming goggles, hand paddles, flotation devices, tow rope, and swim fins.
  • To distinguish between the different classes during the race different colours are used on the race bibs and swim caps.
  • There’s usually a lively gathering in Hönö Klåva’s harbour where you have a good overview of the participants as they round the harbour basin and can enjoy the surroundings of this pretty coastal town at the same time.


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