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  • Woman visiting Abecita in Borås

    Cultural experiences

    Explore the broad range of cultural offerings in West Sweden

Culture in Gothenburg

Learn more about Gothenburg’s broad range of cultural offerings, with events, inspiration, fascinating encounters and activities.

Your guide to design in West Sweden

Swedish design is largely characterised by clean lines and functionality, which have inspired many of West Sweden's most celebrated designers and architects. That is not the whole story, however. When you look a little closer, there are clear influences from the golden cornfields on the plains, the intense blue of the coast and the magic of the wilderness. It is unmistakeably Swedish design, but with a touch of West Sweden added.

Design and street art in Borås

In the town of Borås, creativity flows like never before. Streets and squares have been transformed into enormous outdoor galleries that inject art into the daily lives of the local residents.

Emma von Brömssen

In 2016 she was named Rising Star of the Year at the Elle Decoration Awards, and her wallpaper patterns and porcelain collections have made the news in Sweden and abroad. Gothenburg local Emma von Brömssen simply goes from strength to strength.

A unique stay

Bohuslän coast has a great wilderness areas for its deserted beaches and a beautiful archipelago of 8,000 islands. One of them is the island of Orust, where couple Johan from Sweden and Marcel, from Holland, run waterfront boutique B&B Lådfabriken.


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Meet the Locals

Enjoy a taco fiesta in Gotenburg, stay the night in the archipelago or share a ride to Nordens Ark. It is easier than you think to get close to the daily life in West Sweden. Here you can meet locals eager to share everything from their favorite hiking trails to cooking skills.