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  • Paddle in the lakes of Dalsland

    Nature experiences

Explore the nature in West Sweden

If you're looking for exciting nature experiences, West Sweden is the right place. You have Dalsland - the wilderness region closest to central Europe, the unique Bohuslän archipelago with its beautiful smooth granite shoreline against the open horizon, and the scenic plains, hills and forests of Västergötland.

Experiences in West Sweden

Explore the west coast by boat

It’s easy to get out to the thousands of islands in the Bohuslän archipelago with the help of local ferry and boat companies. You’ll find tips here on how to find your own favourite spot on the west coast – from the Kosterhavet sea in the north, to Gothenburg’s archipelago in the south.

Reasons why you feel better in Dalsland

The more time we spend in the countryside, the better we feel. This is something researchers the world over agree on.

Wind down like a Swede in the nature

Book a relaxing, energy-giving stay in one of the glass houses and feel the stresses and strains of life fade away.

National Parks and nature reserves

There are four National Parks (Djurö, Kosterhavet, Tiveden and Tresticklan) in West Sweden, and around 500 nature reserves, as well as many other lovely areas of natural beauty. You can read more about some of them below.