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Have a genuinely climate smart trip

Transport emissions vary according to how you get here and how far you travel. By travelling by train you can reduce emissions to very low levels. These packages include transfer by electric car from the nearest train station. The trips have had their carbon footprint calculated by researchers*.

*This is a comparison of kg CO2-eq emissions per person between different travel destinations. The calculations are based on a return journey from London by air to Gran Canaria or Bangkok, and by train to West Sweden.


Work out the carbon footprint of your own holiday journey

To work out the climate impact of the mode of transport you’ve chosen, use our holiday calculator.

To the holiday calculator


Book sustainable holiday accommodation. Support businesses who take responsibility for the environment by reusing things, improving energy efficiency and recycling, without skimping on the experience.


Explore nature in a sustainable way by hiking, biking and paddling. When you choose these options you lower your carbon footprint and help protect our beautiful natural surroundings.



Discover food with the flavours of West Sweden. Sustainable and local ingredients aren’t just tasty, they’re also good for the environment. Enjoy locally grown and locally produced seasonal delicacies.


Choose travel modes that are as sustainable as possible. In West Sweden there’s an excellent train service and convenient bus routes. Locally you can also choose to travel by tram, boat, or hire a bike or electric car.

Green Traveller's climate smart holiday

Richard Hammond from Green Traveller visited West Sweden with writer Sarah Baxter, from The Guardian. Read about their climate smart holiday through our region.

Read more about the tourism and hospitality industry in West Sweden’s sustainability initiatives.

Click on hallbarhetsklivet.se/en/ to read more about what the tourism and hospitality industry in West Sweden is doing to improve sustainability, and what contributions all the tourism businesses involved are making.