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    Discover the cuisine of West Sweden

    Photographer: Madeleine Landley

Swedes love a fika

The Swedish word fika means coffee or tea break with buns and biscuits and in Sweden it is a social institution. Where to do it then? In cafés with friends and family is the short answer, but there is no shortage of good cafés in West Sweden.

The Capital of Fika

If you want to experience Swedish fika at its best, you should really head for Alingsås in West Sweden. The café town of Alingsås, the Swedish coffee-and-cake capital or quite simply the Capital of Fika. With a fine tradition of coffee and cakes and around thirty cafés in a relatively small town centre, the saying fits.

Luxury fika

Add some glamour to your life. Check in at a castle, visit Sweden’s best patisserie - Conditori Nordpolen, and try black gold at Esti Bönor & Bröd

Shellfish experiences in Bohuslän

Outside the summer season you find the genuine Bohuslän - salty, barren, windswept and calm. Head out on a shellfish tour, to catch the finest prawns, mussels, oysters, langoustines and lobster. Add a little salt to your life.

Meet the Locals

There are many ways to experience everyday life or a new city from someone else’s perspective. It has never been so easy to personalise your trip before. Some might organise a guided tour, take you on a jogging tour or show you how to bake their favourite cake. The small and simple experiences are in focus here.

Discover West Sweden’s well stocked pantry

West Swedish food is worth the journey. We make good use of what nature has to offer, from all its different habitats: the sea, with its shellfish, and the land with its forests, plains and lakes.

Taste of Gothenburg

Among the Taste of Gothenburg restaurants you find everything from Michelin-starred gourmet to street food, via trendy eateries, classic establishements and family restaurants.