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  • Bild på Pizza som vi hade förra året på skördefesten

    Eat and drink

The Edible Country

Cook together with good friends, discover new and exciting ingredients and come close to the Swedish nature. Welcome to West Sweden - The Edible Country.

Shellfish experiences in Bohuslän

Outside the summer season you find the genuine Bohuslän - salty, barren, windswept and calm. Head out on a shellfish tour, to catch the finest prawns, mussels,...

West Sweden’s well stocked pantry

West Swedish food is worth the journey. We make good use of what nature has to offer, from all its different habitats: the sea, with its shellfish, and the land with its forests, plains and lakes.

Micro breweries

The great thing about micro-brewers is their enthusiasm for the craft of making beer that is so much more than a bland everyday drink. The other good news is...

Guide - 11 best eats in West Sweden

Untouched wilderness, wind-beaten coastlines and tranquil lakes. Open farmlands and verdant gardens. West Sweden offers an enormous geographical variation,...

Meet the Locals

There are many ways to experience everyday life or a new city from someone else’s perspective. It has never been so easy to personalise your trip before. Some...

Swedes love a fika

The Swedish word fika means coffee or tea break with buns and biscuits and in Sweden it is a social institution. Where to do it then? In cafés with friends and...

The Capital of Fika

If you want to experience Swedish fika at its best, you should really head for Alingsås in West Sweden. The café town of Alingsås, the Swedish coffee-and-cake...