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    The official website for West Sweden. Find inspiring getaways and family breaks for food, outdoor adventures, culture and more.

Discover West Sweden

There are many well known places to visit in West Sweden, and even more you’ve not heard of yet, to discover. Go on an adventure holiday in Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland and the city of Gothenburg.

We are West Sweden

16 reasons to love West Sweden

There are loads of reasons to love West Sweden! We could give you several hundred, but decided instead to pick out our absolute favourite ones.

What do you want to do?

West Sweden offers lots of fun experiences for everyone, whether you come here on your own, with a partner, with children or in a larger group.

Food Experiences

West Swedish cuisine is worth the journey, with fresh natural ingredients that are as rustic and genuine as they are exclusive. The pantry is open, every day, all year round.

Explore the swedish lifestyle from a local perspective

Enjoy a taco fiesta in Borås, stay the night in the archipelago or share a ride to the wilderness of Nordens Ark. It is easier than you think to get close to the daily life in West Sweden.

What the world says about West Sweden

Food journey in Bohuslän with Badass Food Stories

For a few days in late spring 2021 Nicole Jacobsen and Gustaf Björlin visited Bohuslän to film inspiring material for their YouTube channel, Badass Food Stories. You can see all the films below in the article.

Get inspired

Every year, travel media and influencers visit West Sweden. In this film you'll get a glimpse of what they have to say about the destination.

Find us Lost

Travel through West Sweden with us in one minute. This video highlights the 72-hour glass cabin in Dalsland, summer on Marstrand Island, swimming on the Swedish coast, exploring Gothenburg's cafes and...