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Photographer: Escape Outdoor

Escape Outdoors

Exciting experiences on land and at sea

Get out into the countryside in West Sweden with Escape Outdoors in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg. Skilled guides will take you on exciting excursions at sea, in deep forests and in echoing caves. Whether you are already an adventurer or you want to try out something new, Escape Outdoors arranges experiences in the countryside for you.

Glide through the Gothenburg archipelago

You can go out to sea in summer and winter with Escape Outdoors. You paddle at a relaxed pace around the nearest islands and go ashore in one of the picturesque coves. You don’t need to have any previous experience with kayaking, since there are skilled instructors who will make sure you have a stable kayak and all the necessary equipment.


Nature experiences on land

If you prefer your adventures on dry land, try a cave and forest tour – unleash the cave man in you and try out cave crawling! Walk with your guide through an easy but exciting cave a short distance outside Gothenburg, enjoying views over the lowlands and a cup of coffee under the open skies.

Courses for seasoned as well as newbie kayakers

Absolute beginner or more experienced? Regardless of your present level, Escape Outdoors has many different courses in kayaking. The instructors are all dedicated kayakers who are qualified as coaches, which means that you’ll have a rewarding, enjoyable course. 

Photographer: Escape Outdoor

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