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Saunas worth a detour

12 salt and freshwater saunas in West Sweden

Let go of all your shoulds, breathe out and enjoy a warming sauna, refreshing dip and fantastic sea or lake view. You’ll find 12 salt and freshwater saunas worth a detour here. So you can plan your visit after each sauna you’ll find information about when they can be booked.

Saltwater saunas on Sweden’s west coast

The sauna on Dyrön

Sauna on the island of Dyrön

- Short boat trip from the jetty at Rönnäng or Rökan

The Dyrö sauna is located just ten metres from the sea, on the island’s south coast. A few years ago it was named Sweden’s best electric sauna, largely because of its fantastic views of the surrounding cliffs and sea.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Hike the five kilometre trail around Dyrön, the views are breathtaking. 

The sauna at Nimbus Öckerö

Sauna with sea view

- Öckerö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago

You’ll find the sauna at Nimbus Öckerö furthest out on the jetty, with a beautiful view of the coastline and sea. Up to eight people can sauna together for two or four cosy hours. You can have a dip both in the harbour or from the new jetty out into the sea. 

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Nimbus Öckerö also provide great food and accommodation if you want to stay longer.

Relax Raft on Vrångö

Relax raft on Vrångö

- Vrångö, the southernmost of the all year round inhabited islands in Gothenburg’s archipelago.

Kajkanten’s floating sauna is in the harbour on Vrångö. Here you can alternate sitting in the sauna with refreshing dips in the sea, and you also have access to a dining/meeting area and kitchen.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Combine your trip with a lovely walk around the island, and stay the night in one of Kajkanten’s boathouses.


Relax at Salt & Sill

Sauna catamaran at Salt & Sill

- Klädesholmen on the island of Tjörn

Moored at hotel Salt & Sill’s jetty lies SS Silla, a catamaran built for relaxation and wellbeing. On the boat’s lower deck you’ll find a sauna, relaxation room, showers, toilet and swimming jetty with steps down into the sea. On the upper deck there’s a hot tub and sun deck.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Combine your visit with a night in Sweden’s first floating hotel or enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant.

Sauna at Björholmen

Wood fired sauna by the sea

- Björholmen’s Marina on Tjörn’s northwest coast

You can gaze out at the tiny islands and watch the boats coming in and out of the guest marina from Björholmen’s  wood fired sauna. When you want to swap the warmth with a cooling dip the salty water is just a few steps away.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! You can combine a sauna with a Sunday brunch.

Sauna raft at Hotel Strana

Floating sauna and sea swims

- Hotel Strana in Hällevikstrand on the island of Orust. 

Hotel Strana on Orust has a floating sauna for up to 14 people. Book a visit with friends or family and enjoy a warming sauna in the cabin at the end of the jetty just outside the restaurant.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Combine your visit with a lovely meal and cosy stay at Hotel Strana.

Sauna raft at Anfasteröd

Wood-fired Sauna Raft

- Ljungskile

In the heart of Bohuslän, on a wooded slope with the inner archipelago in its embrace, you'll find Anfasteröd Gårdsvik, a unique holiday resort. Here, you can book and enjoy the wood-fired sauna raft. The sauna accommodates 12 people, and adjacent to it is a relaxation room.

  • Open for booking all year round.
  • Tip! Combine the experience with a lovely hiking trip. Stay overnight in one of the cozy bathhouses.

Sauna on your own island, Hampholmen

Sauna and hot tub on your own island.

- Hampholmen lies just off Smögen.

On the island of Hampholmen outside Smögen on the west coast you can create your own private oasis with relaxation and delicious seafood. The woodfired hot tub is filled with heated sea water and there’s a sauna next to it as well.

  • Open for bookings all year round.

Kallbadhus in Lysekil

Lysekil cold bath house

- Lysekil

It used to be said that the salty waters around Lysekil had a restorative effect, and visitors from the cities would come to the spa resort to experience the healing powers of the seawater. The Kallbadhus in Lysekil is an oasis right next to the town centre.

Bokenäset sea sauna

Sea sauna at Bokenäset

- Uddevalla

There’s something special about combining a sauna with a dip in the sea. The sea sauna at Bokenäset is open all year round but there’s an extra charm to being there in the winter or at sunset isn’t there?

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! Combine it with delicious food, a spa and hotel accommodation at Destination Bokenäset.

The sauna at Lagunen

Sauna and hot tub by the sea

- Lagunen is situated just south of the coastal town of Strömstad.

Right by the jetty at Lagunen are two lovely classic west coast fishing huts. Book the sauna in Eva’s Sjöbod overlooking the bay and follow a hot soak in the sauna with a refreshing dip in the sea.

  • Open for bookings all year round.
  • Top tip! While you’re there have dinner at Mali’s Sjöbod, where you can enjoy fresh seafood from the Koster Sea, especially in autumn when the lobster, langoustines, prawns and mussels taste their very best.

Freshwater saunas in West Sweden

Sauna on the shores of Lake Lersjön

Woodfired hot tub and sauna by Lersjön

- Ulkeröds Gård in northeast Bohuslän.

In a beautiful setting in north east Bohuslän you’ll find Ulkeröds Gård, a farm dating back to the 17th century, where you can sink down into their open air woodfired hot tub, just a few metres from the waters of Lake Lersjön.

  • Open for bookings all year round.



Naven’s floating sauna in Lake Vänern.

Naven’s floating sauna

- Kållandsö, Vänern

In a beautiful position overlooking Lake Vänern you’ll find Naven’s floating sauna. It’s up to you whether you want to hire the whole raft with woodfired sauna, hot tub and BBQ hut or just the sauna and BBQ hut.

  • Open for bookings from March-November.
  • Top tip! A visit to Läckö Castle, just a 20 minute car ride away, is a must.