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Photographer: Tobias Andersson


12 km, moderate

Hike this 12.4 km day walk along the side of Billingen’s scree slopes and discover historic places, enchanted forests and magnificent views.


Quick facts

Length: 12.4 km
(2.6 km and 8.1 km)
Timing: 3.5 hours
(1 hour and 2.5 hours)
Difficulty: Moderate. Comparatively easy but quite steep in some parts and with more difficult passages.
Terrain: Narrow forest paths, grazing land and gravelled roads.

Discover the 12.4 km long Trollstigen path. It’s a trail that’s close to the town of Skövde and yet still deep in the middle of Billingen’s forests. You can walk through the picturesque Rhodendron Valley in almost jungle like landscapes below the flank of the plateau. On the way you’ll pass lush pastures and ancient washing stones by the babbling beck.

After a few kilometres walking you’ll reach Billingen’s east flank where you can explore the majestic diabase pillars and admire the stunning view from Ryds caves. There’s also a lovely barbecue area where you can rest weary legs and enjoy the view of the surroundings while you’re eating your picnic lunch.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Replete and rested, continue walking down Billingen’s slopes, where deciduous woodland dominates. You can explore the fanstastic ravines here where weathering has exposed the different layers of rock, and see traces of the old sunken lane that used to lead up the plateau.

On the way back you’ll pass by the popular Skogsmulleriket, a fun centre with woodcraft and nature learning activities for children. The Trollstigen is a new hiking trail, where you don’t just get to experience Billingen’s beautiful and varied scenery, but also to explore its history. The trail is a circular walk that can be split into three circular walks, two shorter ones of 2.6 km and 8,1 km and the whole route of 12.4 kilometres which is perfect for a day hike.

Accommodation, food and swimming pools

The Trollstigen starts from a path right next to Billingebadet, a hydro on Billingen, with a 50 metre pool in a fantastic position overlooking Skövde. You’ll also find a sun deck, and a children’s and a toddler’s pool, all with superb panoramic views of the surroundings. Hotel Billingehus is situated next to the hydro. The hotel is temporarily closed for renovation and planning to reopen early in 2023. Just a stone’s throw from the start of the Trollstigen you’ll find more accommodation in the shape of Billingen’s Cottages and Camping.

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Fact about the trail


12.4 kilometres

The trail is a circular walk which can be split into two more separate round walks if you don’t want to do it all at once.

The fairy footpath (short walk of approx. 2.6 km): yellow marks with trolls.
The troll trail (medium length walk, approx. 8.1 km): pink marks with trolls
The whole historic hike (longer walk, approx. 12.4 km) blue marks with trolls.

Approximate times:

3.5 hours

The fairy footpath – 1.5 hours
The troll trail – 2.5 hours
The whole historic hike – 3.5 hours


Follow the yellow, pink or blue marks with the silhouette of a troll. Choose the appropriate colour for the distance you want to walk.

Level of difficulty:

The trail is classed as moderate as the terrain is comparatively easy but becomes quite steep in some parts with more difficult stretches. Surfaces vary from narrow forest paths and grazing land to gravelled roads. A shorter section also goes along asphalt roads through a suburban estate.

Start and end:

The trail is a circular walk and starts and finishes by Billingebadet hydro on Billingen. If you are arriving by car it’s a good idea to park in the car park by the hydro.  Charter buses also travel to the mountain. If you want you can split the Trollstigen into two shorter walks, of 2.6 km and 8.1 km respectively. Both are circular walks and start and finish in the same place.

How to get here:

Skövde is situated in West Sweden right between Lakes Vänern and Vättern.

By car
Follow signs to Billingen’s recreation area (fritidsområde). Once on the mountain, go straight ahead at the first roundabout, pass the hotel and keep following the road before turning right into the car park outside the Billingenbadet hydro, above the ice rink.

By train
Skövde is on a well trafficked commuter route and is easy to get to by train from both Gothenburg and Stockholm.

By bus
Book the Västtrafik charter bus at least one hour before you want to depart. Ring tel: +46 (0)771-919090 to pre-book your journey up to Billingen. For more info go to www.vasttrafik.se

Contact information

Next Skövde

Stationsgatan 3 B

54130 Skövde

Phone: +46500446688

E-mail: info@upplevskovde.se

Website: upplevskovde.se