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  • Kinnekulle

    How to travel to and in West Sweden

Sustainable journeys in West Sweden

Consider using the most sustainable travel option possible. In West Sweden there are excellent train connections and convenient bus services. Alternatives for shorter journeys also include trams, boats, and bike or electric car hire.

Be a considerate holiday maker

In West Sweden we work actively to promote sustainable tourism, both for you as a guest but also for businesses and people who live here all year round. There’s lots you can do as well to make your travel as sustainable as possible. Thanks for contributing to sustainable tourism!

5 tips to make your holiday more sustainable

Travelling sustainably is about much more than sorting your rubbish and using public transport. Here are 5 tips for simple things you could consider doing.

This is how businesses in West Sweden work with sustainability

The West Sweden Tourist Board works actively to ensure that tourism businesses and municipalities in the region develop and become more sustainable. Via the Stepping up Sustainability venture and platform businesses can inspire each other to work more sustainably.