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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Round walks - Day trips

8 km, moderate

Vildmark Path Årås

The hostel called Årås Kvarn lies midway between Ulricehamn and Mullsjö, and is the start and end of the 8.5 kilometre long Vildmark Path. You pass through ancient forests, pastureland and a huge bog during the walk. Swimming is recommended in lake Jogen in the summer.

1-5 km, easy

Hofsnäs nature paths

The peninsula by Torpanäset nature reserve in Tranemo municipality is a beautiful area, consisting of an open oak landscape and pastures with grazing animals. There are different loops to choose from, the longest being 4.8 kilometres. Take the opportunity to see Torpa Stenhus nearby, a manor house from the 16th...

2-5 km, easy

Vänga mosse (Vänga Path)

The 4.9-kilometre-long path by Vänga Mosse, just north of Borås, offers easy walking in an open landscape. It is a family-friendly circular walk that includes two birdwatching towers and a nearby mill with a café. Part of the walk follows a wide, handicap-accessible wooden decking.

11 km, moderate


Djäknarundan is an 11-kilometre loop by Granvik, in the south Tiveden forests. Forest roads and paths take you through a thick spruce forest between small lakes. Signs of the last ice age are visible in the form of rocks and cavities. The swimming spot by Djäknesundet is lovely on a warm summer’s day.

5 km, hard


The Dyrö Path takes you one round of the lovely island of Dyrön (4.5 kilometres). Despite its modest size, the island has a dramatic landscape. Discover the narrow gorge between two high walls of rock, wander among the free-roaming mouflon sheep and enjoy a stunning view of the archipelago.

5 km, easy


Enjoy the landscape and fascinating history of Marstrandsön on a walk around the island (5 kilometres). Stop for a swim at the naturist beach, stroll through Smugglerrännan, explore Trollskogen and enjoy the view of the mighty Carlsten Fortress on the highest point of the island.

2-5 km, easy-hard

Koön (by Marstrand)

The eastern half of Marstrand town is located on the island of Koön, where there are three paths with different levels of difficulty (the longest is 5 kilometres). Walk over the smooth rocks, stop at barbecue areas, check out the old cannon and enjoy the view of Pater Noster and Åstol.

14 km, moderate


Sydkoster is the larger of the two Koster Islands and has a lush landscape with deciduous forest, flower-filled meadows and long sandy beaches. The path around the whole island is about 14 kilometres, but this can be broken down into shorter sections of 3–7 kilometres each.

5.5 km, moderate


There are two paths (about 5 kilometres each) on Nordkoster by the Kosthavet National Park. The ice age left behind amazing fields of shingle, which alongside the view from the lighthouses at Högen (the highest point on Koster) are the highlights of this pleasant walk.

14 km, moderate

Brommö Path

The island of Brommö is in the archipelago in lake Vänern, just off Mariestad. There is an 14 kilometre long path here that takes you through the wild blueberry forests with good swimming options, both from smooth rocks and sandy beaches. Perfect for a day trip, but remember to bring your picnic basket!

4 -7 km, moderate

Läckö, Kållandsö

Discover the area around Läckö Castle on foot. The 4-kilometre path that goes out to Roparudden takes you to the outermost part of lake Vänern's beautiful archipelago. On the west side of Kållandsö, the 7-kilometre-long Tranberg Path takes you through a cultural-historical area with much biodiversity.

12.4 km, medium

Trollstigen Trail

Experience the 12.4 kilometre long Trollstigen Trail. It’s not far from civilisation but is still right out in the middle of Billingen forest near Skövde. Walk through the picturesque Rhodedendron Valley, explore the caves at Ryds, and visit the fun outdoor activity centre at Skogsmulleriket.

11 km, medium

Hökensås Hiking

There are several family friendly walking trails in Hökensås, including this one which is 11.5 km long. The trail starts and finishes at First Camp Hökensås and offers babbling brooks, pretty little fishing lakes and magnificent scenery marked by the ravages of the Ice Age.