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Hiking inspiration

Get out for a hike, here’s why!

If you’re a little tired of tramping the same hiking trails over and over again, we can help with inspiration for new places and lots of ideas for your next hiking adventure.

Three suggestions for hiking tours

Hiking in West Sweden gives you the best of all worlds. Here are our suggestions for three hiking tours; two that you can reach by public transport and one by car. Get inspired and plan your trip to suit yourself.

Walking in West Sweden

Round trip # 1

By public transport

Experience Gothenburg and the hiking trails of Bohusleden and Kuststigen.


Round trip # 2

By public transport

Refresh your senses in a beautiful forest landscape, colourful flowering gardens and at the top of hills with stunning views stretched before you.

Hike at Göta älv Pilgrim Trail

Round trip # 3

By car

This route takes you to the rocky coast of Bohuslän, through the lush forests of Dalsland and the open landscape of Västergötland

Discover locals' nearby favourite places

Discover West Sweden by meeting the people who live there. Through Meet the Locals, you can add unique experiences to your time in West Sweden by hanging out with a Local for a guided tour, some baking, cycling, or a garden visit – to name just a few of the invites on offer.