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Boat to Koster Island

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Ferry lines Strömstad/Koster/Skjaerhalden/Alaska

You'll find service information and links to timetables for boat companies operating around Strömstad/Koster/Skjaerhalden/Alaska here.


899 Strömstad – Nordkoster - Sydkoster

Strömstad, north harbour - Västra bryggan (Nordkoster) - Långegärde (Sydkoster) - Ekenäs (Sydkoster) -  Kilesand (Sydkoster) in summer to Vettnet (Nordkoster).
Period: all year round
Operated by: Västtrafik
Timetable and prices: can be found here.
Tickets / advance booking
Västtrafik ticket system, single tickets can be bought onboard by card. No advance booking is required.
Bikes: can be taken onboard at an additional cost.  
you can find information about accessibility on board Västtrafik ferries here.


Photographer: Roger Borgelid


Strömstad – Skjaerhalden, Norway

Period: all year round
Operated by: 
Nadir Hvaler Fjordcruises
Timetable and prices: can be found here.
Tickets / advance booking: Ticket purchase and travel must be accompanied by ID when crossing a country border. Tickets can be purchased onboard or online. During the summer tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office in Skjaerhalden.
Bikes: can be taken onboard at an additional cost.  
Accessibility: the ferry is accessible for wheelchair users.

Photographer: Mikael Almse

Strömstad - Nord-Långö (Alaska)

Strömstad, north harbour – Nord-Långö (Alaska)
Period: 4 July - 6 August, Monday - Saturday
Operated by: Selin Charter
Timetable and prices: can be found here.
Tickets / advance booking: must be pre-booked here.
Bikes: cannot be taken onboard. 
the ferry is not accessible for wheelchair users.