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  • Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Nature experiences nearby

Sweden has transformed the whole country into the world’s largest gourmet restaurant, and at the table in Ramsvik you can enjoy a real DIY dinner with fantastic ingredients straight from nature’s larder. But West Sweden has much more to offer. There are tons of exciting adventures waiting for you just around the corner.


Apart from fabulous food and drink experiences you’ll find lovely walking trails, a unique archipelago, and masses of nature reserves. The list of what you can find to do in combination with a visit to the table in Ramsvik is almost never ending.

Nature experiences

Landscapes in West Sweden are characterised by great variation, and you’ll find lots of nature experiences to discover and try. A fantastic way to explore West Sweden is by foot on one of the many walking trails there. The beautiful Soteleden trail passes several West Swedish coastal gems, like Smögen and Kungshamn, and there are also lovely walks around the nature reserve and rocks in Ramsvikslandet, where the table is placed. The Soteleden trail also passes by Nordens Ark, a zoo which is well worth a visit, where you can meet some of the world’s endangered animals.

Bohuslän’s coastline, described by the American news channel CNN as one of the most beautiful in the world, is an absolute delight to explore. You’ll find paddling experiences to suit all and lots of companies offering guided tours as well as equipment hire.

The Kosterhavet National Park is Sweden’s first (and only) marine national park, and stretches from Strömstad in the north to Grebbestad in the south. You can explore the area both under and above the surface – paddling, snorkelling, walking or visiting the Naturum Kosterhavet Visitor Centre with its fascinating exhibitions and the chance to pet some of the animals that live in the seas around Koster. Don’t miss Kosters Trädgårdar – an organic garden with restaurant and shop, where the focus is on home grown ingredients and local produce. 

Close to nature accommodation and dining experiences

Smögen is one of the most popular towns in West Sweden. The famous Smögen pier is here, a wooden boardwalk where you can mooch among the boutiques, enjoy the buzz or visit one of the fantastic restaurants.  You’ll find Skärets Krog  at the start of the pier, where food is made with care, with local ingredients and a menu that follows the seasons. The restaurant is run by one of Sweden’s most accomplished chefs - Thomas Sjögren – who won Årets Kock (Chef of the Year) in Sweden 2015.

Photographer: PC-CONCEPT info@pc-concept.se 0706029849

If you’re after a proper West Swedish gourmet experience then Musselbaren Kleven is the place for you. Blue mussels have pride of place on the menu but other fish and shellfish are of course also available.

At Villa Sjötorp in Lyckorna, Ljungskile you’ll stay in a turn of the century villa with the sea as your nearest neighbour, and the chance to enjoy some fantastic gastronomic experiences. Carefully selected ingredients, mostly organic and produced by local farms, are used in the restaurant.

Shellfish safaris

Whether it’s crabs, mussels or oysters that are your favourite, anyone who loves food from the sea can look forward to many fantastic experiences when visiting West Sweden. Go out to sea with experienced fishermen and catch the best seafood in the world.  

Photographer: Ulf Svane Photography

Starting in Smögen you can go on a lobster and crab adventure like no other. Pull up pots and traps and experience proper langoustine fishing. Boil and then enjoy the catch right there on the jetty. After the premiere in September it’s of course lobster that is the star of the show.

Travel to Lysekil, about an hour south of Smögen, and go on an oyster and mussel tour. Have a go at picking and harvesting mussels and oysters direct from the sea and then cook and enjoy them on one of the many beautiful smooth granite boulders so typical of Bohuslän.

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