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High speed boat trips in the Gothenburg archipelago

57° Nord is a boating event company that runs boat trips off the coast of Gothenburg and in Bohuslän. Bring along your friends, family or colleagues on a different sea charter.

Packages and tailored tours

Choose whether you want to book a package or design your own tour. Packages include a two-hour tour to the iconic island of Vinga, a pub crawl in the Gothenburg archipelago, a lunch cruise to Marstrand and an exclusive three-day tour to several popular and idyllic places in the archipelago along the Bohuslän coast.


Photographer: Niklas Maupoix

Stable boat with space for ten passengers

The boat, christened Pandora, is an Agapi 950 Twin and takes ten passengers. It takes the best features of a RIB and combines them with a unique design to make an extremely seaworthy boat - more stable in rough conditions than a normal boat. Facilities on board include heating, toilet, fridge, sound system and, of course, life jackets. In wet weather the whole boat can be fully covered and has large window sections.

Pandora is berthed at Klippan, near Älvsborgsbron, but can also pick up passengers from the Gothenburg Opera House, Stenpiren or Hisingen.

Contact information

57 Nord AB

Klippan 1

41451 Göteborg

Phone: +46 31 12 11 80

E-mail: info@57nord.se

Website: 57nord.se/en/