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Brännö Varv

Bed & Breakfast in the archipelago south of Gothenburg

Brännö Varv B&B is located in a picturesque location in the southern Gothenburg archipelago, only 20 minutes from the mainland on the archipelago ferry. Summer café, live music, mini-golf and the Brännö Visfestival on the pier.

Take the archipelago ferry to Brännö - a unique experience!

You can get here by ferry or sea taxi;  there are boats every day, all the year round. If you arrive on your own boat there is a guest jetty to berth at. Pickup mopeds are the only motor vehicles allowed on Brännö. The main street in Husvik meanders between the red-painted boatsheds and the old wooden buildings where the rose bushes and lush hedges are sprayed with seawater.

Rustic Bed & Breakfast in the old boat-yard

The old boat-yard has been transformed into an all-year-round Bed & Breakfast which has kept its lovely archipelago character as well as a charming touch of the Caribbean. The reception is unattended, so an informative letter of welcome awaits you when you check in to one of the four rooms. Breakfast is served in the garden or on the pier, which you can follow with a refreshing swim in a secluded cove or on one of Brännö’s fine beaches.

Song festival, music terrace, mini-golf and conferences on the pier

Enjoy the archipelago tacos, locally brewed beer, west coast pizzas, shrimp sandwiches and tasty vegetarian meals on the terraces of Café Varvet. There is live music all through the summer and in the middle of July some of Sweden's most popular artists perform at the Brännö Visfestival (song festival). The mini-golf course is very popular and there is a playhouse made from a converted fishing boat for the young ones.
You can also book a conference and your own jetty for up to 25 people, including jacuzzi, mini-golf, restaurant, quiz, live music and a boat race.

Brännö Brygga and the nature reserve

As well as the popular Brännö Brygga, where dancing to live music is a main attraction in the summer, the island also has a nature reserve, a local history museum, a pilot look-out tower, a shop and an inn.



Contact information

Brännö Varv

Långejorden 10

430 85 Brännö

Phone: +46 0736527813

E-mail: booking@brannovarv.se

Website: brannovarv.se