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Photographer: Almeräng Fotografi

Kryssning på Göta kanal

Cruise along the Göta Canal with historic ships

Travelling on the historic canal boats M/S Wilhelm Tham, M/S Juno or M/S Diana along the Göta Canal, also known as the blue ribbon of Sweden, is like stepping into another world. Leave everyday stress behind and treat yourself to a few days of total relaxation. Cruises include overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gems of the Göta Canal

See the gems of the Göta Canal with a cruise on M/S Wilhelm. The journey takes you from Mariestad to Norsholm, or vice versa. This cruise is perfect for those who want to get the best out of the canal at a calm pace.

Classic canal cruise

The second option is to go on the classic four-day cruise on M/S Juno, built in 1874 and one of the oldest registered passenger ships with cabins. The cruise takes you along the waterway through Sweden, all the way from Gothenburg to Stockholm, or vice versa. The ship stops from time to time and you can go ashore to see interesting historic and cultural places.

Grand cruise of Sweden

The third option is to take the premium six-day long cruise with the company’s youngest ship, M/S Diana. You travel along the beautiful waterway from Gothenburg to Stockholm or vice versa, making more and longer stops for guided tours and sightseeing.

Contact information

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