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Woman and two kids on a dressin bicycle.

Photographer: Lykke Andersen

Trolley cycling in West Sweden

Trolley cycling along old rail tracks is a fun experience the whole family will enjoy. It’s easy to get going and you’ll find lots of places to stop along the way for a fika or swim.

Sweden isn’t overflowing with trolley cycling areas so we’re really happy that three of the most popular are here in West Sweden. Bring your family or a group of friends and explore this region’s beautiful scenery from first class. Bigger groups can of course hire several trolleys.

This is where you can hire trolley cycles in West Sweden

Trolley cycling in Tranemo

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Tranemo in southern West Sweden. The area is perfect for families wanting to try trolley cycling.

  • Ambjörnarp – Sjötofta 7 km. From Ambjörnarp you’ll cycle south along the old railway track, passing lovely lakes and nature areas. We recommend a stop at Holmåkra picnic area for a fika and maybe a dip in the lake. When you reach the village of Sjötofta it’s time to head back north again.

Find a list of places to stay the night in the area. And take the opportunity to visit pretty Björnhyltan's Gardens while you’re nearby.

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Photographer: Johan Törnroth

Trolley cycling in Dalsland

Dalsland is a paradise for nature lovers. Here are two different tracks for trolley cycling, one short and the other a little longer.

  • Bengtsfors – Årjäng 50 km. West Sweden’s longest trolley cycling track starts in Bengtsfors and is known locally as “The lovely views railway”. Along it you’ll really get to experience Dalsland’s natural beauty, with deep green forests and many pretty swimming lakes. There’s a kiosk in Kråkviken and you’ll pass restaurants and country shops in Gustavsfors, but otherwise you’ll need to pack a substantial picnic basket.

Tip! Check out the combined trolley cycling and canoe package at Silverlake.

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Common FAQ about trolley cycling

How many can sit on the trolley?

There are both single and tandem trolleys, where one or two people pedal. There are usually seats for one or two passengers as well. Ask how many trolleys are recommended for your group when you book.

Can children cycle the trolleys?

Absolutely! Trolley cycling is a fun activity for the whole family. You’ll need to be around 150 cm tall to reach the pedals comfortably. Smaller children can of course sit on the passenger seats.

How fast does a trolley cycle go?

The speed depends on how intensively you pedal, but it’s usually around 10 km per hour.

How do you turn a trolley cycle?

Sometimes there are specific turning areas, but you can also turn it around by quite simply picking it up and facing it in the other direction.

How much does a trolley cycle weigh?

A trolley cycle weighs around 50-80 kg depending on whether it is a single or tandem trolley.

Is trolley cycling hard work?

Trolley cycling is about as hard as riding a normal bike. The rails are generally on relatively flat ground, which means that there aren’t usually any steep hills. On the other hand that means that there are also fewer descents.

Can dogs come with on the trolleys?

The safest thing is to leave the dog at home, but a calm dog could sit with a person on the passenger seat. Different trolley hire companies may have different rules, so ask what applies when you book. However, you must never let your dog run next to the track, as the risk of being crushed is greater there.

Where can you go trolley cycling?

In West Sweden you can go trolley cycling in Gullspång, Dalsland and Tranemo.

Photographer: Johan Törnroth


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