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Stand Up Paddle in West Sweden

You too can get with the red-hot SUP trend!

SUP (stand up paddle) boarding is the fastest growing water sport and a perfect way to get out on the water quickly and easily. Standing on a surfboard with paddle in hand, you are ready for adventures on lakes, river or at sea.

Read on to find out more about the different areas in West Sweden that are good for a SUP trip and companies that offer rental of SUP boards.

SUP in Bohuslän

- Enjoy the West Coast with paddle in hand.

Bohuslän on the Swedish West Coast has many places that are perfect for stand up paddle boarding. If this is the first time you are going to try SUP, we recommend that you head for the inner archipelago where nature is lush with many secluded coves and the water is calm and still. You could, for example, start from Stenungsund, Ljungskile or Uddevalla.

If you are used to SUP boarding and want something a little more challenging, you might find the outer coastline more appealing. For example, in the areas around Grebbestad or Strömstad the views are more open, which also means that the wind can be a little stronger. Remember to always pay attention to the weather when SUP boarding, especially in open water. And never head out with a board on your own.

Companies that hire out SUP in Bohuslän:


Courses, SUP-yoga and luxury boarding

Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor offers SUP courses and opportunities to try SUP-yoga. Courses are also available with Kajaktiv Tjörn. If you want a complete esxperience you could book a luxury SUP package with Sweden West Coast Experience that includes a rest stop for mussels and fresh prawns.


SUP in Västergötland

- Tranquil water in beautiful surroundings.

It is easy and fun for SUP in Västergötland. In addition, it is good training for endurance and balance. The boards are very stable, making it easy to learn the technique.

You can rent paddle boards from several locations.

Companies that hire out SUP in Västergötland:


If you are curious about SUP windsurfing, you can try it at Vänern Outdoor. It is exactly what it sounds like: you have an ordinary SUP board, but it also has a bracket for a windsurfing sail. It can be difficult at first, but crazy fun when you get the hang of it!


SUP in Dalsland

- A magical series of lakes.

Dalsland is Sweden’s lake district so it is well provided for with mirror flat lakes, surrounded by forests and perfect for setting sail on a SUP board. If you have never tried it before then it’s about time! The feeling of gliding across the water standing on a board is completely magical.

Paddle boarding is ideal for adults and children, you just need to be able to swim. Make your way across the water to an island and take rest for a swim and a picnic before drifting back.

Companies that hire out SUP in Dalsland: 


Safety tips from Kanotguiden

The Kanotguiden website offers tips and advice about equipment, company, weather and emergency situations – all good to know before your canoeing trip.