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Visitors at Kata Gård

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha LWimages Studio

Walk along the pilgrim paths of West Sweden

Making a pilgrimage is an ancient tradition that occurs throughout the world. Five of Sweden's most beautiful pilgrim paths run through West Sweden’s primeval forests and historic cultural land.

West Sweden has a wide network of walking paths and the old pilgrim tracks. Adventurous walkers sought the peace and tranquillity of the countryside as early as the Middle Ages, until Gustav Vasa banned pilgrimages in the mid-16th century. The tradition has once again become popular, though religious ideas are not usually the reason for pilgrimages nowadays. It is more likely a longing to spend time closer to nature and to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Why not try it out?



The Pilgrim Path in Dalsland

The pilgrim path in northern Dalsland has a fascinating story to tell which lasts for more than 70 kilometres, from Mellerud in the south to Edsleskog in the north. Countless pilgrims over the years have travelled towards the final destination of Nidaros, which is now Trondheim, in Norway.

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Pilgrim path Falköping-Varnhem

The 44-kilometre-long pilgrim path in Skaraborg goes from Varnhem in the north to Falköping in the south. Between the start and the end there are two medieval monastery ruins, one of Europe's most important bird lakes (Hornborgasjön) and beautiful, undulating cultural landscapes.

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Göta älv Pilgrim Trail

When you hike the Göta älv Pilgrim Trail you could be walking in your ancestors footsteps. This is a trail rich in cultural heritage, winding through the beautiful scenery along the banks of the river Göta. The trail starts in Gothenburg and ends in Vänersborg. Each of the stages has its own charm. Choose your favourite or walk them all.

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The Pilgrim Path Hjo-Kungslena

This historic walking trail takes you from the idyllic small town of Hjo on the shores of Lake Vättern, to the medieval village of Kungslena. Along the way you’ll come across cultural, historical and beautiful places and find informative display boards where you can read about the area and what life was like there in the past.

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The Pilgrim Path Skara-Husaby

The trail starts by the magnificent cathedral in Skara, and then heads north through varied landscapes full of historic sites and beautiful natural scenery. Along the way you’ll pass, among other places, the spa town of Lundsbrunn, a historic railway and a medieval episcopal castle before you finally reach Husaby church at the foot of Kinnekulle mountain.  

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